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King of Dragon Pass, Fast Run, Concert and Lost Filling

I seem to have managed to get back to King of Dragon Pass, though it’s going badly and at the moment I’d say that managing to last until the start of the 19th year, as I did the first time, may be something of an achievement. May be better to just start over, but doubt I’ll do better, so I guess I’ll see how long I can keep going like this and what will happen later, unless I’ll just give up again. Either way, the chances of “winning” a long game this year, or at least by next spring, as I keep saying is the plan, seem slim at the moment and get slimmer every day.

This week’s run was particularly fast, however, as I managed my best time so far on this route through the park, 22:12, though it was once again in the evening and therefore I had to weave around people and slow down or even briefly stop when there was simply no way through. That was thanks to some other guy who was alongside me as I started and who seemed to have a pace that was just slightly better than my normal one, so after running side by side until the first time we had to squeeze through a space between other people, where he sped up first and I allowed him to go through ahead of me, and then him speeding up slightly more when I tried to draw level again, I followed him until he stopped, maybe 200 meters short of a lap around the lake. Then I tried, and managed, to maintain that pace for the final portion as well, and this was the result, though my body sure complained about it later.

The good part of that was that I managed to sleep for some nine hours Tuesday morning, which was quite a welcome change, and also necessary, as yesterday morning that once again didn’t go too well and napping later was definitely not an option, as I was going to a concert. Unless you count that time, probably in my early teens, when dad took me to some big event organized by a radio station, or a media corporation owning a television and a radio station, this would be the first concert I attended and I was very anxious about it, but it was The Hourglass coming to Bucharest again and, even if nothing else, it’d have been extremely difficult to forgive myself if I wouldn’t have at least said hi to Alma after talking to her for the past few years on-line and not attending their previous concert here, back in 2013, as it’d have finished way too late and I didn’t want to be walking back at that hour.
The thing was that the schedule was quite a mess, as the event listed the “open doors” time as 7 PM in one place and 8 PM in another and also supposedly included an opening act which remained unnamed until that very afternoon, when any mention of an opening act was simply removed. As a result, I got there at 7:45 PM, to be sure and also to give myself time to also find the place, but no such time was needed as a comment I had seen was accurate, pointing out that the actual location is across the road from where it’s listed on the map, and therefore my eyes fell on it immediately. That meant I was left to simply wander around for those 15 minutes, then spent a few more minutes sort of hidden behind the metro exit, trying to convince myself to head in, and then I picked a seat and waited, telling the waitress who came to ask what I wanted that I didn’t want anything and being thankful that nobody asked again later.
So in the end I did get to say hi to her and exchange a few awkward words as they were getting ready, though then I just looked away and tried not to curl in a ball when she walked past me a couple more times, once even making a comment out loud that couldn’t have been meant for anyone else, probably as an attempt to get me out of my shell for a few more moments. And then I got to listen to a particularly good performance despite some sound issues. I mean, the guitar and bass were too loud for my taste, the keyboards and the recorded backing tracks possibly a little too quiet and her microphone cut out a few times, but her singing was quite flawless as far as I’m concerned and those allowances I’d usually make for a live performance were quite unnecessary.
Still, I felt terribly awkward while there, and the fact that maybe a total of 35 people attended, possibly a little less if I accidentally included a few staff members in the count, definitely didn’t help, as you can’t not stand out from the crowd when there’s no crowd to begin with. Worse, nearly all the others seemed to know each other, the members of Tiarra and some others who knew or even worked with the members of The Hourglass being at two tables at the front and those who definitely seemed to be regulars of the location at a few others behind them, leaving me and another woman who had also come alone and left as soon as the concert ended to sit at the tables off to one side and a couple of others to hover at the back.
After the concert ended and Alma was saying they’ll have a few beers and chat with people, I turned to leave, but haltingly, as I wanted to say goodbye as well but couldn’t quite persuade myself to do so, which meant it was a good thing she caught up while talking to a waitress who was heading inside and I had a chance to just sort of wave and shrug when she asked if I’m going already. Then I made my way to the metro and after exiting I mostly ran the one and a half kilometer or so left, to catch as much as possible of the match.

And this was supposed to be a quick post but ended up at over 1000 words already, so let me just mention that I just lost a tooth filling again, from the upper left side, and also swallowed it before realizing it. Then again, a part of either it or the tooth itself may have already fallen last week, while I was eating popcorn, but I wasn’t sure exactly what that was and nothing seemed missing when I checked, so I shrugged it off, but it may have been a piece from the contact area broken off, so the rest of it was left to hang on loosely a little longer until it also fell off. So I guess I have to go to the dentist again, and the annoying part is that it seems this filling lasted for just over a year, so it won’t be a free replacement, assuming the last one replaced was a different one, as I seem to recall was the case. Would sure wish they could make them stick for once, though that sure doesn’t seem to be the case with this one.


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