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Third Sunday Update in 2015

In itself, that doesn’t sound that bad, since we’re seven and a third months into the year. However, this Sunday update comes only two weeks after the previous one and it’s also the week’s second personal post, plus that it doesn’t exactly have any purpose other than to be able to say that I posted twice this week as well. So, if Thursday’s post turned out a fair bit longer than I meant it, this will definitely just be a short one.

In fact, the only thing I may care to add is that the fact that someone else mentioned it on the MobyGames forums made me reinstall Neverwinter Nights and show off my character. The last save, towards the end of chapter 2 of Hordes of the Underdark, is from January 2011, though there is an autosave from February that can be said to be only one step ahead. The other saves are from December, however, and include one with the same location as the autosave I mentioned, but made several game hours earlier, confirming what I remembered, which is that I gave up as I wasn’t sure which order to do certain things in or even how to do one of them at all, trying different ways until I got too frustrated.
This definitely doesn’t mean I’m about to pick this game back up, but I guess it does allow for the possibility… Which would be bad news for the plans to make some serious attempts to win a long game of King of Dragon Pass, but if it’s a matter of simply finishing a game, Hordes of the Underdark may actually be a safer bet, if I’ll somehow manage to get around my need to do everything perfectly. Still, I do seem to have gotten myself out of the situation that was troubling me earlier on King of Dragon Pass and, while another problem appeared, I may just keep my clan together at least as long as I did the first time, which also means I have quite a few more game years to try to actually improve instead of merely struggling to fail just a little better, as they say.

Otherwise, going to the dentist tomorrow to have that filling replaced yet again, so let’s see how that will go. Apparently it’s the last day before the dentist goes on vacation, so I guess it’s a good thing it happened now and not a little later, but I sure wish they’d find a way to make these fillings stay in place. Or this one in particular, as it’s the one that keeps falling off, though the one from the same tooth on the right side fell a few times as well. The rest seem to stay in place just fine, even if most of them have been there for nearly eight years now.


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