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Switching to Avira

Posts where I mention switching the antivirus product I’m testing also tended to include finishing something or some other milestone, but this time I don’t have anything of the sort to add. So this will just be a short post where I’ll say that yes, last night I switched from Trend Micro Antivirus+ to Avira Antivirus Pro, and also took the opportunity to update Comodo Firewall to the latest version, released some three weeks ago. Wasn’t actually sure that I needed to switch last night, as it was unclear to me whether the last day of the Trend Micro trial was yesterday or today, but it worked out better this way, so didn’t wait to find out.
Unfortunately, just as it was with Trend Micro, I can say right away that Avira is not an option for the future, so now it’s just a matter of waiting out the month and hoping it won’t cause any actual problems during this time. There are things I like about it, definitely, but also dealbreakers, as I can’t risk it when game mode can’t be turned off completely, so it will kick in under certain circumstances and decisions will be taken by the software while it’s on. Plus, having it always show an alert that I need to ignore implies the need to always ignore the fact that alerts exist, which will make me miss any others unless I specifically check. And while the performance impact on starting programs is clearly lower than that of Trend Micro, it’s clearly higher otherwise, such as while browsing or when the computer is otherwise idle and only running SETI@home tasks, which lose about a minute of processing time per hour of elapsed time, compared to around ten seconds per hour while testing some other products. Then again, this is also noticeable while the computer is in use, as updating fully uses one CPU core for up to a minute, during which time the system is obviously quite sluggish.

And that’s about it for the moment, though I guess I should also add that I ran again on Monday, also during the day, when the route was quite clear, and the time was 21:26. That’s nine seconds slower than last time, but the temperature was also higher and I didn’t particularly push. It should get hotter again now, however, so next week’s run will likely be in the evening again, though it may be the last time I’ll need to do that this year.


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