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Last Week’s Record Didn’t Last Long

Did manage to run today, noticing it had stopped raining and rushing outside early enough to be sure I’ll also be back well before the qualifying for tomorrow’s race started. Of course, others had noticed that same good moment, so there were quite a few other runners taking advantage of it as well, but quite few people otherwise, so the route was pretty much clear. As such, though I was saying last week’s time should remain the record on that route for quite a while, now I ended up doing a stunning 21:17, so no less than 36 seconds better.
Sure, the lack of people meant I no longer had to weave, slow down or even briefly stop, as I kept needing to when the heat forced me to go during the evening, and the puddles weren’t significant, so those didn’t cause trouble either, while the actually slightly chilly weather and overcast sky helped as well. Plus that I didn’t have to lose a few seconds to retie my shoelaces again, though they did come untied almost immediately after finishing. But I still didn’t feel that I was making such a good time, especially not after the bridge, as until not long before crossing under it the second time, with a time that was four seconds better than my best for that portion of the route, I had been more or less following another runner who was obviously faster than me at a normal pace, but then I realized that was too much and slowed down, or at least I thought I did, as I allowed myself to drop back from him rather rapidly. But, either way, this was the result, and oddly enough I don’t feel as exhausted as I did last week, though I did feel that I was pushing slightly harder while running.

Otherwise, been watching Planet Earth these days, so I guess I’ll be finishing that next week. Nine years is quite some time for a nature documentary, as things and places can change, but it sure is stunning, enough to make me no longer question how come a documentary is second on IMDB‘s Top 250 TV. Should probably also get around to watching the episodes of the new Cosmos I didn’t already happen to catch on National Geographic, as seeing it sixth on the same list reminded me of it.

And since that other thing I mentioned at the end of the previous post still isn’t sorted out and also doesn’t actually affect me, having to do with dad’s computer, I’ll once again leave it for some other time and end this post by saying that I did convince myself to move on to the last chapter of Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark after getting through the siege a third time, and second after realizing that my initial character development plan was all wrong and I shouldn’t move on to its next step. There would perhaps still be a few hundred experience points to potentially gain during that battle, but I’m not sure how realistic it is to hope to actually manage it, so had set an initial target and managed to persuade myself to move on after hitting it, though I’ll have some angry words with myself if I’ll end up just shy of gaining another level just before the end, or before some other moment when I’ll want to change some spells, my character being a sorcerer.


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