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Actually Back to Neverwinter Nights… And a Few Other Things

Yes, I was saying that simply reinstalling Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll pick it back up, but I guess it did mean exactly that. Didn’t advance much, as I kept trying the things that caused me to give up in the first place due to not being sure what to do or how, but I’m slowly trying to convince myself to get past that point and move on to the last chapter, seeing as my plan for the character was wrong from the beginning and there’s no way to really save it now. Not that I’m not definitely strong enough anyway, so it’s just my perfectionism acting up again.

Still on the matter of games, I seem to be adding stuff on MobyGames again. Started with some more critic scores, formerly known as mobyranks, which in itself is something, seeing as I have 112 in queue right now and only 215 approved so far this year, but then ended up even submitting a couple of new games, which is something I tend to stay away from, plus some new platforms for a few existing entries. And it doesn’t seem that I’m about to stop here, so let’s see how long this will end up lasting.

Otherwise, had the other cavity fixed Wednesday, but nothing was done about the pain I started feeling after she replaced the filling that fell off. She told me she went quite deep and it’s normal to have some temporary sensitivity when that happens, and if that’s the case it should get better in a few weeks. However, there is also the possibility that it won’t or even that I’ll end up with an inflammation of the nerve, so if two weeks or so pass and it still hurts just as bad when I eat on that side, especially if it’s something cold, or of course if it starts hurting even when I’m not eating, to call her and see what can be done about it. Sure hope it won’t get there, however, but don’t like the situation either way.

On the other hand, didn’t run so far this week. Weather got quite cool as of Wednesday, which meant I wanted to go during the day, to avoid the crowds again, but Wednesday I had the dentist to go to, yesterday it rained even more and it was also my last day alone this week, so spent that part of the afternoon in the kitchen, and today there was no way to go because it’s been raining all day. So I guess I’ll be going tomorrow, assuming it won’t keep raining, even though it’ll be crowded again.

And I guess that’s about it for the moment. There’d be one more thing to say, but that’s not sorted out yet and I currently don’t have any plans for this week’s second post, meaning that unless something I’ll somehow be able to write about quickly will just happen to pop up, that will be a personal post as well, likely written tomorrow to avoid yet another Sunday update. So let me at least leave enough for another paragraph or two…


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