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Traffic Department 2192, Avira and a Comodo Glitch

I’m going to start this by saying that, after somebody asked about the game on the MobyGames forums and I immediately recognized the main character’s name when I read the description, I’m now playing Traffic Department 2192. In all these years of trying to remember all the games I played, I never thought of it, but the moment I saw that name it all came back instantly and I knew I played that first part, which was shareware at the time, so I now thought to play the whole thing, since it’s been freely available since 2007. And yes, those dialogues presented between the missions are the reason I’m playing it now as well, as the game itself is otherwise entirely forgettable.
In addition, as I also mentioned on that thread, somehow that also led me to recall that I had played something called Mice Men back then as well, and that game wasn’t even on MobyGames so far. So I submitted it and I may actually run the shareware version one of these days in order to get some screenshots to submit as well. Interestingly, the developer is still active, and even their old DOS games are still available, so I wonder what else isn’t there… Though I highly doubt I’ll run something just for the sake of submitting it, if I don’t recall playing it.

Moving on, last time I was saying that some of the issues I keep having with Avira Antivirus Pro may have been fixed after contacting support, but they definitely weren’t. I hadn’t noticed it trying to switch and then reactivating itself one day because the exact time when it does this got delayed by some 20 minutes after it crashed and I had to reboot with only the free version active, and that next day I rebooted just then myself, so it tried to do it as it was shutting down and then restarted normally, leaving some errors that I saw later in the system logs. Since then, it keeps doing this every day, at the new time, as it’s been doing all along since I made the license file invisible.
Another issue I discovered recently, however, is that scan jobs can no longer be started after running something through DOSBox, though the problem doesn’t appear by simply opening and closing DOSBox itself. Obviously, noticed this since I need to run Traffic Department 2192 in DOSBox, and then when I tried to scan something it simply didn’t do anything, requiring a reboot before I could scan again. This applies to any sort of scan job and I have clearly tracked down the issue to running a program in DOSBox, also testing it with the first Might and Magic, which I have from GOG.com, to rule out the possibility of me having added some strange settings while creating the configuration file for Traffic Department 2192.
Considering all of this, I’m more and more inclined to give up on Avira at the end of the week, or maybe at the start of the next, as it’s quite clearly the worst experience I’ve had during this period of testing. And that’s not even taking into account the Comodo Firewall glitch I experienced yesterday, when I tried to edit the HIPS settings for an Avira component to make it stop processing its permissions twice per hour and then, after rebooting to be able to try scanning again, found that all HIPS rules went missing. Fortunately, I had saved them just after installing Avira, so I could simply load that file and therefore not lose much, but I’m still wondering why this is happening, because so far I’ve had it happen both times when I uninstalled Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 and I thought it was caused by that for some reason, but obviously that’s not it.

As for this week’s run, the proper one was yesterday, once again during the day, and the time was 21:03, so a new record. As for the intermediate times, those were 10:04 and 16:16, plus about 4:50 in a spot that I’m considering for a new first such time, though I may have checked my watch a few seconds after passing it. This means I have a new record for the full lap as well, but I was three seconds slower than the previous record in the first part.
Yes, the route wasn’t crowded, but there were some people and I did lose a bit of time because of them, plus that I once again needed to stop for a few seconds because my shoelaces had come undone on one shoe. This stop was in the first part and it took more than three seconds, so without it I should have had records on all sectors, and when you take everything into account I should have also been able to drop under 21 minutes. But, perhaps more interestingly, I did this after running for probably some 3.5 of the four kilometers back from the bar where the activists meet the previous evening, in regular clothes, to get back before the start of the match. So, once again, I thought I’ll be tired and found out I wasn’t.


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