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Avira Is a Mess…

Definitely didn’t expect this, but I can quite safely say that this trial of Avira Antivirus Pro is the worst experience yet, and not only because of the dealbreakers mentioned before or the quite noticeable performance impact. What definitely makes it the worst yet is the fact that it keeps switching me to the free version every day, and yesterday one of its components also crashed when that happened, requiring a reboot.
As I say in that post I linked to above, after initially following the advice I was given and reinstalling, I noticed there’s a license file which can be loaded in order to reactivate the Pro version if it’s saved somewhere else first, since every 24 hours it’ll otherwise replace it with one for the free version, so I didn’t have to reinstall again, but that wasn’t a proper solution. Then, two days ago, I also saw that it seemed to try to make the switch once again but then immediately reactivated itself as the full version, and the only thing that had changed was that the license file was invisible. Yesterday, when it switched again and then crashed, I had made it visible again, to try to see if the initial behavior returns. Today it was once again invisible, and so far it doesn’t seem to have even tried to switch again when 24 hours passed, but just that component which crashed yesterday made a connection not long after that time, and so far that component had never attempted to connect.
I guess that may be a sign that they actually fixed the problem that existed on their server, because after contacting support, as I was advised on that thread, I was told I didn’t have a valid purchased license on the account and given instructions about purchasing or installing an already purchased one, or sent back to the community in case my questions are about the free products. Of course, I replied to say that yes, I don’t have a purchased license, I have a trial one, as I kept saying, and added a screenshot of it showing up in my account on the site, and I guess it may be possible that they fixed whatever was wrong, though I received no other reply yet. Wouldn’t count on it though, and my confidence in the support they can offer or in the stability of the product is pretty much zero after all of this, plus that the program shouldn’t even be able to switch editions like this while the license is still valid. As such, Avira quickly went from one product I actually hoped may end up being a realistic option at the end of these tests to the first one I’m actually seriously considering abandoning well before the trial period ends.

Otherwise, Monday I again checked three different hypermarkets, visiting two of them twice, though I couldn’t also drop off the old UPS, which dad had kept around so far, at the one that collects them and also offers tickets for small discounts in return. The whole plan rather started from wanting to do that, but since it was clear I couldn’t go there first once I decided to check all of them, I first went to check prices, thinking I’ll come back later and bring it with me then, which was a good choice, as I noticed the system was out of order. So I pretty much spent the whole day, leaving around 1:20 PM and coming back the last time roughly around 10:45 PM, wandering around and all I had to show for it were savings of barely a few percent and picking up a couple of things not available in the place I usually go to. And it was a hot day…
Obviously, due to both the late hour I returned at and the fact that I had walked easily over 20 kilometers that day, Google Maps saying I had covered 16.7 kilometers on foot outdoors alone, I couldn’t also run then, but did that yesterday, the heat making me return to the evening hours. In fact, I think it was the latest run yet, finished just before 10 PM, but it was also the best time I managed during the evening, 21:43, 26 seconds slower than the current record on that route, which was when the area was clear, but 10 seconds better than the previous best time while it was crowded. And since I’m starting to make a mental note of these times as well, I’ll also add here that I crossed the bridge the second time after 10:36 and completed the full lap in 16:48, so the best “intermediate” times remain 10:01 and 16:21, respectively. Should probably find a good spot for an earlier intermediate time as well, however, as ten minutes without being able to accurately check my pace is likely too much.


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