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Modern Times, DLC Missions and Neck Issues

Actually managed to finish the Modern Times campaign on Sunday, so it was even by the end of last week, not just by the end of the month. Then Monday was the only day I didn’t play, as since then I managed to keep up that pace of finishing one mission per day as I started the additional ones. So at this point it’s three down, seven to go, though I have to say they’re quite difficult. This third one that I finished today much less so despite the disasters, but the first was rather tight at times and I only barely managed to complete the second without needing to reload or restart thanks to getting quite lucky more than once.

Otherwise, my neck is definitely becoming quite a problem, and while otherwise it doesn’t bother me unless I move it in a few ways that cause pain, which rarely happens unless I specifically try to see whether it’s any better, it sure doesn’t like me trying to sleep. This morning I actually woke up due to the pain and the only way I managed to get back to sleep was face down, with my head on my arms in order to be able to breathe, as turning it to the side was definitely not an option.
Meant to ask dad where should I go to see what’s going on there and what can be done about it, but didn’t manage to get the words out yet, considering what it means. If it keeps up like this, and even more so if I’ll keep noticing some slight numbness or burning sensation in my fingers and toes, or even hands and feet, I guess I’ll have to go, and pretty soon, even if this slight numbness or the occasional pain isn’t new. I’m pretty sure I knew what was causing these issues before and getting this far without having them checked out more properly shows I more or less knew how to set things back in place, but this is different.

As for this week’s run, that was Monday and despite struggling to get out of bed and feeling that the first sector was particularly difficult I managed a pretty good 20:50, with intermediate times of 4:36, 10:01 and 16:05, respectively. Was sort of considering a second run this week, to create this small buffer again, but gave up on that idea and now I’m thinking next week’s run will also be on Monday, to get it out of the way in case I’ll have to see a doctor after all and get told I should take it very easy for a while, or worse. According to the current forecast, Monday seems to be the best day for it anyway.


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