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A Shot at Finishing Modern Times This Month… A Long Shot…

I seem to be finishing Modern Times missions at a rate of one per day. Granted, finished the eighth on Monday and the ninth only yesterday, but that was because I didn’t play the two days in between, so finishing the tenth this evening leaves me with two missions and three days until the end of the month. Keeping this pace up in what should be the hardest part of the campaign doesn’t sound particularly likely, and if I’ll be alone at some point this weekend I likely won’t be playing that day, or at least not much, but it doesn’t seem entirely impossible anymore, while until just a little earlier this evening it did.

Otherwise, this week’s run was Tuesday and the time was a pretty nice 20:35. Still, that meant another somewhat disappointing final part, as the intermediate times were 4:31, 9:47 and 15:49, respectively, so I was slightly faster in that last part than two weeks ago, when I set the current record for the lap around the lake, but still significantly slower than when I set the current overall record, when I also needed 15:49 to cover the lap but then was 14 seconds faster in that final part. And this time I didn’t have any issues to use as an excuse, unlike two weeks ago.

My neck isn’t getting any better, on the other hand, and I’m noticing other likely related things that make me worry even more. Now I’m trying to pretty much not move it in any way that causes pain and see if that helps, since when my back is acting up the pain’s bad enough to force me to do this and it gets better after a few days, while now since it was manageable I not only didn’t care to spare it but actually moved it quite a lot in ways that hurt, thinking I may either snap something back in place or warm up muscles or tendons, if that’s the issue. But since that always only made it worse when the issue was my back, why’d it be any different here?


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