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An Update Before the Weekend: Little Done and Health Issues

Writing this now because my Internet access seems to be having some weird issues at the moment and I’d rather try to post it before something worse happens, considering the weekend is coming. But I actually meant to avoid a Saturday update as much as a Sunday one this week anyway, so I guess this only works as added incentive, albeit not the sort I’d have liked. Sure hope it’s not something getting messed up yet again, considering the rain and wind we’ve been having lately, because that would really be too much.

What’s definitely not much, however, is what I have to say now, though the fact that I didn’t lump other things into my previous post means I’m yet to mention this week’s run, which was Monday. Was rather uncomfortable, as my right hip didn’t seem to like the way I sat on the toilet before leaving and the fact that I was trying to protect it somewhat meant I ended up doing something to that knee as well, since it hurt for the next few days, but that’s over now. So, back to the run itself, the time was 20:54, which sure looks good under the circumstances, and the intermediate times were 4:44, 10:05 and 16:15, respectively.

Otherwise, it was actually last week that I entered some more mobyranks on MobyGames, but I’m yet to continue since. And I can’t say I’ve been playing much either, as I still have five of those DLC missions left, so no chance to finish the entire package in the first half of this month. Will try to do it by March 20 though, and most definitely have it as a goal to be completely done with it by the end of the month. Still didn’t decide whether I’ll also write a review at that time though.

As for my neck, it still hurts, and there are moments when my back seems to be meaning to as well, though I’m careful enough to prevent that from happening so far. Will need to be even more so if I’m to go through with it and take part in that tree planting action after all, because that’s definitely not something one can do when struggling with back pain, or with hip or knee pain for that matter, but if things keep up like this I guess I’ll need to give in and have it checked out once that’s behind me. Sure don’t want to think of that though, since I’m scared enough of everything already.

But speaking of health issues, there sure was a lot of blood from another place yesterday, and I have to admit it was my fault, doing the wrong things and even holding it in a bit despite getting a “warning” the day before and knowing that this tends to cause bleeding. Hadn’t been this bad in months though, and my body sure didn’t like the blood loss, as I felt like I had quite a fever after that, and it’s possible that I actually had one. Got better after waking up this afternoon, but this is another thing I definitely must avoid in the days before planting trees.


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