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At Least Telford Didn’t Relegate Again…

Around this time in 2007, I wrote a post to mention that Telford United, after being born from the ashes of the bankrupt old club in 2004 and placed initially in the eighth division, had promoted to the sixth, after having promoted to the seventh at the end of the 2004-2005 season.
This was somewhat significant to me at the time since, after picking it randomly out of those in the lowest available division, which at the time was the fifth one in England, Telford United was the club I had managed whenever I played Championship Manager games but was unable to continue doing so when I switched to Football Manager, since that was right after the old club went bankrupt and the new one was in too low a division to be an option, the game going all the way down to the sixth in England. As a result, I gave up on Football Manager 2005 quite quickly and said I’ll try one of those games again after I’ll be able to get back to the team I was used to managing, which should have meant the 2007-2008 season. However, I never tried any of those games again after that and at this point I’m starting to doubt I ever will again, but I nevertheless continued to at least occasionally check on what Telford United was doing all these years and this time they were in real danger of returning to the seventh division for the first time since the 2006-2007 season.
To quickly go through the club’s promotion and relegation history after 2007, in 2008 and 2009 they reached the promotion playoff but failed to actually promote back to the fifth division, where the old club was before going bankrupt, then finally made it in 2011. Once there they struggled but managed to finish the 2011-2012 season just above the relegation line, only to relegate back to the sixth division in 2013. However, they then promoted directly in 2014, this marking the first time when the club won the division it was in since it was founded in its current form in 2004, all other promotions having been after winning playoffs. Sadly, they then relegated right back in 2015.
This season they found themselves struggling to even remain in the sixth division, only managing to secure a spot above the line one round before the end, thanks to their win over Worcester City on April 23. Since I see they lost to Chorley yesterday and Brackley Town won while Lowestoft Town drew, this means they may have ended up in the last spot above the line but in the end were two spots, though still just a single point, above it, having 47 points while Brackley Town and Lowestoft Town finished with 46 each, the latter relegating.
As such, to get back to why I became interested in the club in the first place, I guess they’ll remain an option next season as well, just in case I’ll care to try one of those games again. The chances of that are pretty much zero not only for this year but for several more to come, but I guess it’s not entirely impossible that I eventually will, someday.

While I’m at it, looking at the top of the English football, Leicester sure is close to an amazing win. The draw with Manchester United wasn’t enough to make them clinch it today, but they may still do so in this round 36, two from the end of the season, if Tottenham won’t defeat Chelsea tomorrow. Not that Tottenham being second is something one’d normally expect either, and the same can be said for Chelsea being well outside the positions granting access to any European cup, or of Aston Villa being last, so many points below the next team above it and having been mathematically relegated many rounds before the end of the season.

And to finish with a glance at the far less interesting Romanian championship, Astra just managed to clinch the title about an hour ago after Steaua only managed a draw with Pandurii, leaving five points between the two with one match to go for Steaua. Astra still has two matches left, as they play Dinamo tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter anymore at this point and I wonder if they won’t even want to lose in order to give Dinamo a small chance to grab second spot from Steaua. That’d require Steaua losing to ASA Targu Mures in the last round, which seems pretty much impossible, and it won’t make any difference in terms of European cups, since Dinamo is in the same position as ASA and CFR Cluj, not being allowed to compete at the European level due to financial problems, but I’m sure they’d still want to finish above their traditional rivals regardless of anything else and any team that bitterly fought against Steaua may well be inclined to help them do so.


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