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Two Roughly Timed Runs and Maybe Back to Hordes of the Underdark?

There has been quite a lot of rain here lately, plus a fair amount of wind and even some hail, but I managed to squeeze two more runs on Saturday and Monday, despite the continued lack of a working stopwatch. Initially meant to run once more Wednesday or today at the latest, but that’d have meant doing it under pouring rain or even in a storm, so I’m still waiting for a decent moment and right now I’m thinking of having a look tomorrow morning, to see whether I may be able to use that free hour, between 7 AM and 8 AM, for another ten kilometers on the track on no or next to no sleep. Will need some sort of stopwatch for that though, even if not that one.

Back to those two runs, they were on a seven-kilometer route through the park, created by adding what Google Maps says are 650 meters after two laps around the lake, so 6.4 kilometers. That final portion also included a climb, on a quite steep path listed as being about 90 meters long instead of the stairs, which added a bit to the difficulty, and I also once again finished at the park exit and went first to one side of that wide path and then the other to add just a little more to the distance. Plus, with Orthodox Easter being last Sunday, there were plenty of people in the park on Saturday and even more on Monday, so I once again had to find my way around them and at times slow or even briefly stop.
I also tried to get some rough times by taking my phone with me, even if it doesn’t have an actual timer and only shows hours and minutes, plus that it definitely made me slower while I was looking at it. For that purpose, I started right after the minute changed to one divisible by 10, which actually in both cases was 40, and then looked again as I was finishing each lap and also at the end, trying to count the seconds from the last or to the next change of minutes, depending on whether that change was after I started looking but before crossing the line or after. This obviously means there’s quite an error margin and when I wrote down the times I approximated the seconds to the nearest number divisible by five.
Either way, the total time on Saturday, when I actually made a point of taking it slowly, was about 39 minutes, with a first lap covered in about 18:10 and a second one in about 17:25, making for about 35:35 for two laps and about 3:25 for that final section. As for Monday, the total time was about 37:15, with a first lap covered in about 17:15 and a second one in about 16:55, making for about 34:10 for two laps and about 3:05 for that final section. I obviously have no other sector times, as I didn’t even try to check at other points.

Otherwise, I actually advanced just a little more in Hordes of the Underdark, though I keep thinking I chose a less useful weapon upgrade as the last one now, plus that I keep wondering about buying some awesome items. Or one awesome item in particular, as I pretty much decided against the other remaining one and bought the rest, but that one costs over one million and would leave me without quite enough for all options somewhere else, according to what I gathered after carefully glancing at a guide, trying to just catch these things I should really know about while still avoiding most spoilers.
That’s the sort of thing that makes me stop playing games, though it’s usually a matter of character development or choices made in quests or dialogues with consequences that only become obvious much later. But this is also a choice with consequences that are only obvious much later and leave you with pretty much no way to change the outcome when that happens, so it’s the same idea and it really doesn’t play well with my perfectionism. But I really mean to actually finish this game, so I’ll try to push through one way or another and maybe this time it’ll actually work.


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