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Internet Issues and Uptime Record at 35 Days

Last Wednesday was quite unpleasant, since I had no Internet access between 3:45 PM and 11:45 PM due to a power outage in the area that affected my ISP. And the area in question started quite literally meters away, on the other side of the street, so I was lucky I at least had power during that time, only failing for a matter of seconds twice around 9:40 PM and once more around 12:35 AM, this last brief failure also causing the Internet access to fail again for a few minutes, as it also did around 12:20 AM.
This also meant I couldn’t watch three of that day’s matches, and those sure seem to have been interesting, but there was nothing to do about it. At first I was told they were told by the power company that the matter will be resolved around 6:30 PM, so I was waiting patiently, but that time came and went and nothing changed, and then I learned that they were given 9:30 PM as the new time. The attempt to start the power back up in their area then was probably the reason for those first two brief failures here that I mentioned above, and after that they were given 11:30 PM as the new time, which was finally closer to the truth.
What’s worse is that there were several failures that day, with significant parts of the city affected, the obvious cause being the heat and the fact that everybody was turning ACs on, so that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the summer. Admittedly, that was the hottest day until then, but it’s barely June and much worse will come. Maybe not right away, since this coming week seems quite decent, with highs not much past 30°C, but there are two months of summer yet to come.

Before that, however, there was something I forgot to mention in my previous personal post: Due to how the last two Patch Tuesdays fell, and obviously also the fact that there were no other issues and my system was particularly stable during that time, I was able to stretch the uptime record to 35 days, two hours and 24 minutes, on June 15. Doubt it got to 25 minutes by the time I actually rebooted, but I guess it’s not impossible. Either way, hard to see how I’ll beat that as long as important Windows updates that I won’t be too afraid to install will keep coming on a monthly basis.

As for running, last week I went Thursday evening, needing to do that for the first time this summer, and the crowds I had to find my way through sure took their toll. The total time was a quite embarrassing 38:04, with sector times of 4:53, 5:41, 6:35, 5:05, 5:53, 6:44 and 3:13, respectively, making for lap times of 17:09 and 17:42, respectively. So a second lap slower than the first and missing even the initial target on every single sector. Admittedly, on that second lap I also lost several seconds while trying to check sector times, since it was dark by then and the way this watch lights up doesn’t help much with that, but that doesn’t account even for the difference between the two.
This week’s run, on the other hand, was earlier today, thanks to the lower temperature and partly cloudy sky. There were a few gusts of wind that bothered me and I definitely wasn’t feeling well when I started, but I forced myself into it and it sure showed that I didn’t have to deal with crowds again, as I set a new record on this seven-kilometer route, the total time being 34:35, beating the previous record by 23 seconds. Sector times were 4:35, 5:11, 5:59, 4:28, 5:14, 6:07 and 3:01, respectively, making for lap times of 15:45 and 15:49, respectively. Slightly slower on the second lap than on the first, starting to lose time already in its second sector, but I definitely surprised myself with this. Both of those lap times would have been great even on the old 4.1-kilometer route, after all.


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