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Seven Kilometers in Under 34 Minutes!

Taking advantage of the good weather, I ran twice this week, both Tuesday and yesterday, and if Tuesday’s attempt fell just short, yesterday I actually managed to get under 34 minutes on the seven-kilometer route! Tuesday I was thinking that will need to wait until after the summer, since next week’s forecast doesn’t seem to allow runs during the day again and such good conditions seem even less likely in the weeks after that, but when I saw that it was nice again yesterday I simply made another attempt and somehow found a few more seconds there at the end.
Tuesday’s time was 34:02, with sector times of 4:28, 5:02, 5:46, 4:30, 5:08, 6:08 and 3:00, making for lap times of 15:16 and 15:46, so the second and, after taking the first one into account, fifth fastest lap times ever, third and fifth first sector times, second and fourth second sector times, second third sector time and second final sector time. And it would have been under 34 minutes, but as I was in the final sector a little girl was playing hide and seek and she turned around from the tree and started to run just as I was about to pass behind her. Had been considering the possibility when I saw her there and was thinking I’ll go around her on one side if she’ll either stay there or take only one step or the other if she’ll take at least three steps, but she took one, then noticed me coming hard and fast and froze on the second, exactly in my path if I were to pass in front of her and too late for me to normally change direction and pass between her and the tree, so I just barely managed to stop without knocking her down and then step around, almost certainly losing more than those two seconds.
Still, that was the incentive to try again yesterday and I did so with a vengeance, resulting in a total time of 33:48 and sector times of 4:32, 5:03, 5:43, 4:30, 5:05, 6:01 and 2:54, making for lap times of 15:18 and 15:36. That means the third and fourth fastest laps, fifth first sector time, third and fifth second sector times, fastest ever third sector time and second fastest final sector. My gains were there at the end, as the total time at the start of the second lap’s third sector was a single second faster than Tuesday, and that was thanks to the three seconds gained over that lap’s second sector, after losing two over the entire course of the first lap, the second lap’s first sector being covered in the same time on both days. But then I was seven seconds faster on that third sector and six more on the final one, though most of these were likely the result of the lack of anybody getting right in my way as I was putting every last shred of energy into it, hoping I’ll just keep falling forward with each step there at the end and not straight down.

Otherwise, “managed” to get myself banned on my Sector’s mayor’s Facebook page last evening, after posting a comment there for the first time, on an album where he brags about “modernizing” the sector, saying he’s willing to face the expected criticism for his projects. So I sent some of that criticism, sarcastically, saying that if modernizing is defined as paving over, encasing in concrete, butchering and destroying anything that was left natural or even “human”, then yes, the modernization is definitely running at full speed.
And the problem is that it really is at full speed, and that’s exactly the description of what’s going on, and the butchering of trees is in full force in the entire city too and I keep wishing I could fucking do something about it and think of things and then give up on every single one because it’d require or may involve directly interacting with others and I freeze at the mere thought…


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