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Ten Kilometers in Under 50 Minutes!

There’s a fair bit more to say about the tooth issues, after going to the dentist twice this week and having three of them give an opinion, but things are obviously quite nasty and I just don’t want to deal with that anymore, so I’ll leave it for later. Probably won’t go again next week, so I guess there’s time to do that then without really having more stuff to add, while now I can just throw something else here quickly enough to avoid a Sunday update yet again.

One thing I really want to post now is that I ran yesterday, and went for ten kilometers again, not that I actually planned to at first. I just came from the dentist, went to the toilet, changed and went back out to take advantage of the almost complete lack of wind and sunny day with a temperature around 10°C, so a bit too chilly but otherwise good conditions, and likely better than I’ll find again before spring. And I did rather mean to try to run away from the panic I was experiencing about the situation with the tooth, so I just started running and wondering whether I’ll stick to the usual seven kilometers or try this, only really deciding to go for ten when I started sector three of lap two.
That was because I only meant to do this if I’ll manage to get under 50 minutes for the first time and at that point I knew I could do it, and I did, the final time being 49:28, with sector times of 4:33, 5:16, 5:55, 4:29, 5:08, 6:02, 4:40, 5:20, 6:13 and 1:52, making for lap times of 15:44, 15:39 and 16:13. Making a note of that second lap, since it’s the second fastest second lap and the sixth fastest lap overall, and yet I could keep going just fine after it, and had a little more left at the end. Not sure if giving it everything would have gained me those 29 seconds needed to get under 49 minutes as things were, but on a clearer track even that should have been possible.

Otherwise, Tuesday went to a debate about Trump’s victory, why it happened, what it may mean for us here and for Europe as a whole and what can be done, and discovered an interesting place, since the location was some sort of mix between a bar and a library, as there are a fair number of books available for clients, plus board and card games.

And then today I went to the march organized as a reaction to the initiative to change the Constitution to clearly specify that marriage can only be between a man and a woman and support the “traditional family”, signed by nearly three million people and waved through the following stages up to the point that there were serious talks of organizing the referendum at the same time as next month’s Parliamentary elections. That didn’t happen, but there now seem to be signed agreements with nearly all parties to hold it in April, and nearly all parties also explicitly support this initiative. Mind you, neither same-sex marriage nor civil partnerships of any kind are currently allowed in Romania, so this initiative is meant to strengthen an existing ban and pretty much ensure things won’t change for the better in the foreseeable future.
But enough about the issue itself for now, since this is a personal post. If you’re interested in more, there was an article that was shared for those looking for some more information in English, and there are also the pictures I took and what I said in the album description about the actual march. I just want to ask how to allow people who aren’t my friends to tag either themselves or their friends in those pictures though, since somebody asked and I think my settings are about as public as they can be, so if it’s still possible to do that and you know how, care to share?

There was also a discussion scheduled after the march and I did sort of intend to go there as well out of curiosity, but after the run and having to wake up at noon both today and yesterday, which obviously means I didn’t get enough sleep since I normally fall asleep around 6 AM and these days it may have been even later, I was feeling quite sleepy and I just came right back. Was also sort of thinking of going to buy a few things, but gave up on that even earlier, so I guess the current plan is to go Monday, even if I will run out of a couple of things now. Will make do, I guess, and then I’ll see whether I can actually use those vouchers I won, because otherwise I hardly have anything on me and the odds of that changing are slim. And considering the coming dental expenses, any purchases other than necessary daily stuff seem quite out of the question for a long time to come… Not that I haven’t been putting almost everything off since spring due to lack of funds anyway.

Edit: Forgot to say that yes, the review means I played Gone Home. It was free on itch.io last weekend and announced on the “Temporary game giveaways” thread on the MobyGames forums, so I decided to grab it, started it Sunday and finished it Monday. And while I can’t call it a game and also can’t call what I did with Akalabeth having played it, if you just look at the list there are five different titles I finished this year, six if you count the Tropico 4 DLC pack, or even just Modern Times, as a separate game. And that’s good enough.


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