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Finished Blessings of a Curse

Managed to finish Blessings of a Curse this evening and now my head hurts and my eyes burn. Got that quite a lot while reading this, being such a big book read on the computer, and in an amount of time which would have been decent even if it’d have been an actual book. And there were a number of other reasons why a good part of it was not an easy read, but I’ll see about getting into that in the review I hope to write this weekend, which obviously won’t just be a quick one. Have the general idea, but it will be quite odd.

Otherwise, went to the dentist Tuesday, but had apparently been scheduled with the second doctor I saw here, who took over the patients of the first one, instead of the third, who’s the one I saw last time and who quickly got through where the other two couldn’t despite struggling for a long time and who also seems to have experience with such tricky cases, something which the second one openly admitted she completely lacks. Still, me and dad did discuss options with her, but it was rather awkward and I kept trying to steer things towards an appointment with the third one again, which was made for yesterday.
So we went again, me and dad I mean, and had the discussion again, being presented the options and her suggestions. I couldn’t say much and can’t say I’m sure what I did say, the way dad talked wasn’t helping, and she seemed to steer towards one thing that really scared me. So I refused that now and went with the basic option which she clearly said has no guarantees, so we may spend the money now and in anything between weeks and years, less than the five they’d guarantee this sort of work will last normally, I’ll either need to do what she suggested anyway in order to keep the other things that will be put there or switch to something else but discard the rest of the work as well in the process.
Again, still just really don’t want to even write about the details, and it’s still unclear to everyone what the second step will be, with three different options on the table, one of them relatively cheap but clearly not done to last and not restoring my tooth to its full usefulness, two others very expensive and still making me concerned about what’s left of the tooth breaking off anyway, plus obviously in danger of being just money thrown away if there will be root problems and I either will keep rejecting that option she suggested or the damage will be too significant for it to be attempted anymore. But I have an appointment Monday for that first step, so I’ll see how that goes and what that will mean for the next appointment, already made for Thursday.

And to also add this week’s run, that was today and the time was 34:46, with sector times of 4:32, 5:10, 6:03, 4:33, 5:14, 6:12 and 3:02, making for lap times of 15:45 and 15:59. Was rather hard, and you can see me getting slower towards the end, but definitely couldn’t miss the opportunity, since the weather was decent again, perhaps slightly warmer than last week even if maybe with slightly more wind.
Forecast says conditions will remain similar until Monday, and perhaps even be slightly better over the weekend, so I definitely need to run again, but doing so Monday before the appointment will be a problem and a weekend run means a slow and difficult one due to having to make my way past all the people. But Tuesday it’s supposed to get cold, so this is really it, and I was even considering running both Sunday after voting and Monday just before going to the dentist if at all possible, to get the buffer up to four.


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