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Two Steps of Tooth Work Done, Sorting Books and a New Uptime Record

Actual work was finally done on that broken tooth this week, with me choosing the most conservative option. That means a first step with no guarantees on Monday, when she treated the root canals as if they’d be normal when the seriously bent one is pierced, which I’m told means it’s more and more likely to result in an infection as time passes even if it was likely pierced way back in 2007 and has been fine so far, the immune system weakening with age. And then the second step, yesterday, was trying to partially reconstruct it, though it’s smaller than it should be on the side that broke off and I have also been told that won’t last long if used normally, what little is left of the tooth being likely to break as well and the stuff added there not having much to hold on to.
There is of course a longer story about it, but since I didn’t write it so far, I’m guessing I probably won’t write it at all, so now I’ll just add that there is a part three coming and that’s the crown meant to protect what’s there and make it last longer. Can’t be done now, since they’ll go on vacation, but I already have an appointment for January and we’ll see how that will go. Unfortunately, it means that next to nothing will be left of the actual tooth except the roots, and also that a scary operation is in the future if I’ll want to keep the crown after that root will act up in the way I was told. While the others didn’t recommend it, this doctor as well as the expert they sent me to earlier did say that root can be cut away on its own, the tooth then being fixed in the other two, which would avoid that operation, but doing so after the crown is in place would mean replacing that as well and even more expenses, when this cost a whole lot already and there’s more coming and I’ve been putting off pretty much any purchase for the entire year and then some.
There is one more thing that worries me though, and that’s the amount of x-rays done for this, especially since there are those lumps I have in the throat and jaw area since I was little and, despite the low doses of radiation used for dental x-rays, blasting them like this is not a good idea. I mean, there were a total of nine done, unless I’m forgetting a repeat and there were actually ten. There was the one done when I first went after the tooth broke, then two when I was sent to their expert, since the first one didn’t come out right, then one more done when I went back to them after that, since he neither gave me nor sent them a copy of the one he made, then three at the specialized dental imaging center when this dentist who actually did the work now requested something that would show her the roots from three angles, and then two more before yesterday’s appointment, since the dentist asked for one more to check her work but for some reason it couldn’t be done at the clinic here then, so she said it’ll be done before this following appointment but I decided to go back to the imaging center for it instead, since they’re done way better there and I can understand much more myself, yet they needed to do it twice as well.

Otherwise, after yesterday’s appointment I took the recyclables out and then meant to also drop off the used batteries that had piled up as well at the hypermarket that offers a new one for every five you drop off, but while I was quite sure the campaign lasted until the end of the year, I couldn’t see the sign there anymore and nobody else who was in that area seemed to have batteries, so I turned around despite having actually gone back there for that, as I had somehow “managed” to forget to do this both before and after going in to check some prices, before going to check them at the other one nearby. Didn’t buy anything, since one thing advertised by the second one in their catalog wasn’t actually available, the second had a best before date that didn’t allow me to add to the stock I already have and the third thing I was looking for was more expensive than I cared to pay for it in both places.
What I did after that was more interesting though. Some time ago, dad put nearly all the old books, plus some other things, in boxes and started looking into giving them away after putting others in the bookshelves left in the living room and moving those he had put on the balcony to make room for other things. But making a list and sending it to a used book store resulted in too few being accepted and for next to nothing, so he asked me to let him know if I see any events that call for people to donate books to schools or something similar, yet when I did stumble into something he didn’t seem to do much, one obvious problem being that the books were simply piled into boxes without being sorted in any way, and he didn’t have time to try to sort. Not that putting things in order is something he’s exactly keen on anyway.
So the matter came up while we were waiting at the dentist yesterday and I said I’ll sort them. I mean, it’s putting things in order, it’s books, and it reminds me of something I was doing while still with Andra. So after coming back from the failed trip, I brought everything inside from the balcony and spent the next four hours or so separating the books like he said, into Romanian fiction, foreign fiction and everything else. Also added the few poetry books to the fiction stacks, and then most of those I had set aside for being memoirs, biographies or travel stories and therefore not fiction but also not the sort of stuff going in the third pile eventually went there as well, after I asked for advice. Then also made sure that all volumes of books that were split in such a manner ended up in the same place, same for the few duplicates, and also sorted those that were part of collections together and I think I managed not to split any such connection in two different boxes, though I’m not entirely certain anymore. The third pile was harder, but I could come up with a few other categories that most of them could be sorted into and left three mixed stacks for dad to sort out later.
Now the plan is to try to donate the fiction to the high school he went to, seeing what they’ll take, keep a few more notable titles from the third pile, maybe try again to sell a few others which may actually generate some interest to some other used book store, and throw away old manuals, maybe also the books that are too damaged to be accepted, and probably anything else he’ll be left with when the rest will be all done. However, while I didn’t normally think there was anything there that I may have any interest in and hadn’t already read long ago, I spotted a book I did consider reading and never knew we had among those sold to that store and now that I know they’ll be gone I have this urge to set aside a number of them even if it’s no longer a case of not knowing we had them. And since they’re probably among those that will at least be accepted by someone quite readily, it’s a rather unpleasant feeling.

But let me move on now, or more exactly go back a day, since Wednesday I rebooted after installing the security update and that moment marked the end of 35 days, six hours and three minutes of uptime for my computer. When the uptime record reached 35 days back in June, I thought it couldn’t get any better, but with five weeks between Windows updates again, nothing actually requiring a reboot in between, and after having installed the updates and rebooted early, around noon, last month, now I could stretch that a few hours more. The screenshot I have lists 35 days, six hours, two minutes and 15 seconds, but this time I know it got to three minutes, and likely closer to three and a half, before the system actually rebooted.

Since the days when the weather seemed to allow it somewhat better were just Monday and Thursday but the appointments meant I’d have needed to go too early to do so before and jostling what was put in there around so much right after the work was done definitely didn’t seem like a good idea, I didn’t run this week. However, I ran Sunday, before going to vote, and despite needing to pick my way through the crowd I wasn’t far from managing to stay under 35 minutes, the total time being 35:06, with sector times of 4:36, 5:19, 6:04, 4:43, 5:11, 6:08 and 3:05, making for lap times of 15:59 and 16:02. I pushed as hard as I could when there was room to do so, was always thinking how to lose the least amount of time while making my way past people and had hope even at the start of the final sector, where I needed 2:58, but there was just no way to manage that. While that doesn’t account for all those seven seconds, there was even a moment when a full wall of people formed in front of me and I had to stop and really squeeze sideways between a person and a table set in front of a stall.


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