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Got Rid of the Cold in Time for the Next Sunday Protest

Another quick personal update, which I guess needs to start last Saturday, when I took part in the march and then stayed in Victory Square until shortly after 10 PM, this also being the only time since these protests started when I had a sign. And Sunday I started with the march from my neighborhood, then obviously attended the huge protest, first finding a few activists I knew who were doing some improvised drumming and then wandering around the crowd after 9 PM, when that group broke up, before leaving around 10:20 PM. Problem being that I wanted to take the bus back, waited for the same one I also took on Friday and which came on time then, but it didn’t come at all Sunday, so after over 35 minutes of waiting I eventually got in another, along with the several other people who had been waiting for the same one I was, and we got off where the route stops being common, from where I ran most of the way, in boots and the large coat and with the backpack on my back.
Since I left early, I didn’t help with the cleaning again, leaving Thursday as the only time when I did something to help, and even that was little. As it was getting past 11 PM Sunday, the bus I eventually took arriving just before 11:15 PM, I considered walking back, since I’d have returned to the Square around 11:30 PM and probably just in time to help clean again, but eventually just took that bus. Which of course makes me feel even more guilty for the stuff I grabbed while there, adding on Saturday a cup of hot tea and, when they insisted, a biscuit from the same place I had gotten the tea the day before from, and on Sunday an orange from those offering “energy for democracy” in the Square itself, from whom I had gotten the biscuits Thursday and Friday, and a cup of hot tea just before leaving from a group offering it in a corner of the Square.

Didn’t attend another protest since then, just going to a debate last evening which just left me annoyed, but of course I’ll be attending the one planned for tomorrow, when I’m also considering dropping off a box of biscuits among the stuff somebody’s offering the protesters. Really needed Monday and Tuesday to try to recover a little, since I had what sure felt like a really bad cold by then, but I actually got over it quite quickly. Did also take some pills Saturday, and one more before going to bed Sunday night, or in fact Monday morning, and that’s something I really don’t do and can’t remember how many years it’s been since it last happened, but I needed to function Sunday and then felt completely messed up, shivering, feeling weak, struggling to breathe through all the crap, aching all over, being dizzy and having that feeling that I associate with having a fever. But after sort of finally blacking out that morning due to exhaustion, despite the pain and difficulty breathing which were keeping me awake, and then waking up after a few hours and being unable to fall asleep again for a few more, it started getting better and by Wednesday it was pretty much just a matter of crap to still blow and spit out, and by now even that’s at a quite normal level for this time of year.

Didn’t run again this week, but that just means the buffer is now down to two and the forecast for next week seems to offer a couple of opportunities, the freezing weather that arrived Wednesday being about to clear over the next few days. So that’s pretty much all I have to say for now. Or maybe I’ll just also add the fact that I’ve been adding a number of browser games released during the protests on MobyGames, so it counts as something done this week, and I have one more that I know of which I’m yet to add.


  1. the ultimate idiot says:

    Harmless angel that you are

    you can not even begin to imagine

    what the human brain, mind, and its owners, even — if not more than the others — ones looking harmless angels as you do, can do.

    If you could see through their shining, decorated masks, you’d be thankful for being single, and safe from them.

    Twice lucky: because you have no idea what they are, and because you have none next to you

    They are… multiple. Never, at a given moment, one.

    Their “yes” never means totally yes, like it would if, think, another animal had uttered it.
    It means yes, but it also means maybe, and no.
    Every word they think, say, every thought they think… isn’t single-sided.

    They aren’t even conscious of this, by the way. It happens in their mind, without their awareness (most of the time, at least).

    And unluckily, the deception-running neural systems are particularly developed in the womanly brain :))

    Physical violence -> males
    Psychological violence -> females

    To each their own… specialization

    Also: be sure there’s no human brain that produces a lie only once. If you never uncover that they lied, you can hope that they aren’t lying, maybe. But if you uncover, say, 2-3 lies, you can trust that the lies are 200-300, and will be 2000-3000 if you don’t run away quickly enough.


    (It’s especially the “good ones” who look meek and sheepy, who will lie. The dominant/domineering ones are used to get their way even speaking out sincerely, and they grow less adept at the art of deception.
    It’s the others, mainly, that learn the arts of snakiness and sneakiness.)

    July 5, 2017 @ 5:29 AM

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