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Uptime at Nine Full Weeks and Counting and Fair Is Fair with Found Money

Went for another run today, ten kilometers again, so three laps around the lake and that final sector to the park exit, and in the final third of the second lap I noticed 55 RON (€12.20, $12.87) on the ground. Now that’s a fair amount, over a third of what I got in a month for regular purchases recently, not the odd 0.10 or 0.05 RON coin picked up here and there, usually in stores, or the 1.5 RON found when I helped clean the Square after one of these big protests, so the first impulse was to leave it there. Left 10 RON once before after all. And there were a fair amount of people in the park, so doubt it’d have still been there if dropped more than seconds before. But after taking a step past that spot, I stopped, had a quick look around, if admittedly mostly ahead, didn’t see anybody seeming to look for something, went back, picked them up, took a few steps with them in hand, made eye contact with someone in front of a booth selling some stuff there, and when it didn’t seem like he was about to say anything either, I shoved them in a pocket with my keys and kept going.
Checked my pocket just one time after that, early in lap three, and without actually sticking a hand inside, but sure seemed like they were still there at the time. But after I finished my run, got out of the park, crossed the road and put my jacket back on, I meant to get the 5 RON bill out and look for a beggar or something, to give away at least that much since I felt pretty guilty for picking up such an amount, yet the only thing still to be found in my pocket were the keys. Where did I lose the money, no idea, but fair is fair, since they weren’t mine to begin with. Feel bad for whoever initially lost them though, since wherever they fell out of my pocket wouldn’t be where they’d be looking and asking in case they’d have realized they lost them. But I guess all that’s left is to hope that whoever eventually managed to keep them needed them more than either of us.
As for the run itself, it was the third slowest over this distance, a mere second faster than the very first one, but on top of the time lost when I found the money, I was also stopped for some seconds on the first lap by somebody who asked me how much I do a full lap in, seeming surprised and congratulating me when I said about 17 minutes now, and the conditions weren’t the most appropriate, with the recent snow partially melted and the path switching from dry cement to wet to hardened snow and to melting snow turning to muck and puddles, depending on area. Plus the traffic that I already mentioned. So I finished in 54:42, with sector times of 5:04, 5:46, 6:32, 5:12, 5:39, 6:51, 5:13, 5:45, 6:41 and 1:59, making for lap times of 17:22, 17:42 and 17:39… Which also made that 17-minute estimate I made when answering that question quite optimistic, albeit close enough for the first lap if you don’t count the time lost because of that.

Otherwise, I was dreading today because patches should have been released yesterday and it definitely didn’t look like it’ll be a month like the previous one, when there was nothing relevant and, most likely for the first time, I skipped it entirely, so today I’d have needed to reboot after installing patches and that would have ended nine full weeks of uptime for my computer, setting a record which would have been highly unlikely to be challenged again but also putting me at risk of things breaking or simply changing in unpleasant ways, as it has happened before. But it would appear that Patch Tuesday got delayed, so right now I’m at nine full weeks and still counting, so let’s see how long the delay will be. If they’ll somehow leave it for next week, I’ll even get to 70 days, ten full weeks. Doubt it’ll be that long though.

And of course I attended Sunday’s protest. Not some things announced for earlier, from 4 PM, but I was there just after 6 PM, got myself out of the crowd before 9 PM, so it’ll be clear I won’t be taking part in that crappy moment when the flag was formed with colored cards, returned once that was over and eventually left around 10:30 PM, after helping a little with the cleaning again. Also did drop off that box of biscuits at a place from where I picked up a cup of hot tea and an apple, and also picked up another apple from another place and another cup of hot tea from yet another, as there were at least five places where various things were offered. So despite taking quite a lot, the fact that there were still quite a few things left at the end and that I also donated something made me not feel bad about it that time.


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