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Quick Review: The Well of Ascension

Sanderson‘s mind seems to work like that of a crime writer, but on a much bigger scale. He’ll take you every which way, whether intentionally or not he’ll leave some things that are easy to figure out so you’ll perhaps miss other clues while waiting for him to finally admit what you knew all along… And then everything will suddenly get turned on its head when it comes to the biggest matters, apparently out of nowhere until you’ll think it over again and realize all signs were there all along, only you didn’t pay attention.
That level of care and that attention to detail make it stranger to see mistakes slip through, yet there are some. Not talking of typos, though I actually spotted a couple, nor about the summary of the first book being placed at the end, nor even about the Ars Arcanum, also at the end, including the new characters but missing new metals. Rather, talking of things like an obviously wrong vote count or more than one instance of Vin burning a metal she should have very clearly and specifically been out of, taking more after that additional impossible burn instead of before. But, while jarring, these are little things, the main frustrating issue for me being how Vin and, to a lesser extent, Elend behaved when it came to their relationship, though that fits their characters and was fortunately stopped just before becoming truly awful.
With that out of the way, must return to the depth and detail, to how pieces keep clicking together as more is revealed, yet this time I’m referring to the world and its history instead of mere action and current events. If I pretty much took The Final Empire as just a book, albeit a good one, after The Well of Ascension I’m wondering how much am I willing to get into the extended lore, starting to dig through things not included in the main books. Not sure whether I can afford to fall into that rabbit hole, but it’s enticing enough that avoiding it may require effort.

Rating: 4/5


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