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Cold Started Badly, Seems to Be Ending Well

In the previous post, I mentioned that I was having a cold, but also that it wasn’t too bad at that moment. Well, it sure got bad right after, and that night, or more exactly Thursday morning, sure was nasty. Felt like I was having quite a fever, to the point that thoughts were starting to be rather fun, nose was full of crap and it was starting to get into my chest as well, and of course I ended up feeling weak and woozy and everything seemed to hurt. Took two pretty strong mint and eucalyptus candies before trying to get to bed, but those had pretty much no effect, so after somehow managing to nap a little before I first had to wake up to try to get the crap out, at 6:20 AM, there was hardly any sleep until quite late. Rather hard to persuade your body to relax into the state needed for sleep when you can’t breathe, after all.
Stayed in bed until 3 PM, at some quite early point folded my pillow and kept my arms under my head so it’ll be higher, pulled up the blinds at 9 AM as well, in case the light would help, but went to blow and spit crap out in the bathroom at 7:35 AM, 8:25 AM, 8:55 AM, 9:15 AM, 9:45 AM, 10:15 AM, 10:45 AM, 12 PM and 1:15 PM, for some reason had to pee each of those times as well, and maybe only napped for barely a few minutes again at some point between 6:20 AM and 7:35 AM, before going around 11 AM to ask dad whether he still had any Airwaves gum left which hadn’t been used as a cat toy. Know that has some effect, so was hoping it’ll work where those candies didn’t, and after he found some that did seem to be the case, but unfortunately neighbors started drilling just then, so it was only after 12 PM, maybe after 12:30 PM, that I managed to nap a little more.

Still, after pushing through that, feeling the fever go down and struggling to blow and spit out as much as I possibly could each time, struggling until all the muscles involved hurt and I felt quite lightheaded, I felt that I had made it through the worst of it. And that indeed proved to be the case, the rest of the day being less of a problem and managing to sleep in the morning. Woke up once, or more exactly woke up the first time, coughing and struggling to breathe, pretty much passed out an instant later, then probably mere moments later woke up again, still coughing and struggling to breathe, and could finally make my way to the bathroom and try to get as much out as possible. However, though at that moment there seemed to be a fair amount in my chest as well, once I got back to sleep I could stay asleep until the early afternoon and since then it’s been just a matter of making sure I keep clearing everything out, the situation improving rather rapidly.

There’s still something there, but it hasn’t been an issue for the past few days, so I could take advantage of the one day with good weather, which was actually Monday, and run. After that, I went to buy a few things Monday evening, since I was out of bread so that definitely couldn’t wait, and then went to two other hypermarkets for some more things yesterday. Nothing much to say about that, other than the fact that Monday evening I again tried to get plastic bottles and aluminum cans to the machine at that hypermarket, since quite a lot had gathered due to what dad used but I actually had a way to carry most of them without it being either difficult or too visible, but when I got there I saw the machine say it was full, so I simply dropped them off in the underground parking lot yet again.

As for Monday’s run, that was definitely the right moment, with a reported high of 20°C and the wind lessening later, so the fact that it was after 4 PM when I went out the door and a fair bit after 5 PM when I finished the run meant I only had a few gusts to deal with in the early part, even though it was getting rather dark at the end. Not quite dark enough to mean I couldn’t check the time on my stopwatch normally though, and even though the nice weather meant that there were quite a lot of people to find my way around, I definitely preferred that to yesterday’s wind, which felt like it was about to knock me off my feet when I went out then, or to the weather we’re getting as of today, which is more normal for this time of year, with highs below 10°C, a fair amount of wind and an increasing chance of rain as well.
As for the time, it was 48:43, so I still managed to stay under 49 minutes, which felt quite nice under the circumstances. Sector times were 4:21, 5:09, 5:55, 4:35, 5:02, 5:56, 4:36, 5:13, 6:03 and 1:53, making for lap times of 15:25, 15:33 and 15:52. Started rather fast, actually thinking that I felt that I was pushing hard enough for at least 4:25 on that first sector, so if it’ll be worse I’ll be in trouble, but it wasn’t and that mostly calmed me down, though that rather slow first sector of lap two got me a bit worried again, before the fast second one calmed me down again. And it should have been 48:42, but there were some women standing right at the park exit, on the side I finish on, and while I considered just steering myself maybe a meter to the left in order to get a clean finish, I decided against it, which meant that instead of finishing with what’s pretty much a jump, as I usually do, I had to slam on the brakes in order to be able to get around them, and under those circumstances I stopped the stopwatch at 48:43.01.
Either way, wasn’t sure how it’ll work out when I started and definitely didn’t want ten kilometers in more than 49 minutes just yet, before the weather gets nasty, so I was ready to either get back to seven this one time, in case I’d have finished two laps in a time which would have pretty much guaranteed under 35 minutes over that distance but would have been too much to stay under 49 for ten, or to struggle for a really hard 16, aiming to just stay under 1:25, if I’d have barely managed to cover the first two laps in about, and possibly slightly over, 32 minutes. Definitely dreaded that prospect, but I wasn’t going to allow myself to get back to seven and not even stay under 35 minutes over that distance, so 31:50 for two laps was absolutely the maximum time for that to be an option.
Fortunately, I didn’t need to resort to either of those options, though I still had some crap to try to breathe around, on top of the usual liver cramps and rib pain felt mainly at some point during the second lap, until I could work my way around them again. That was something I had to manage, but until lap three it wasn’t much of a problem. On lap three, however, I had to cough, and while the first time was fine, the second time, close to the end of the second sector, resulted in sharp pain in the lower right part of my abdomen, where there tends to be some dull pain most of the time when I move anyway, making me think it’s either something radiating from my hip or who knows what else. Worse, coughed a couple more times after that, with the same result, something feeling like it was about to give in that spot, so I had to adjust my breathing to try to avoid coughing again before the end. But I did it, so all’s well that ends well.


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