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Little to Mention Except a Small Traffic Spike Due to a Comment

Other than finally cleaning my room a bit and changing the stuff on my bed yesterday, didn’t do much since the previous post. Didn’t even start A Darkness at Sethanon, so I definitely have to read that next week, to finally catch up and have 11 books read in the first 11 months of the year, leaving me to see what I’ll pick as the last one in December. Did poke at the sixth scenario from that “Divine Empire” series of scenarios in Disciples, some two months after dropping it after the fifth to try to get back to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, but it’s not going well and I already reloaded twice, after losing my main hero, the first time stupidly, the second time because I was in a situation I couldn’t get out of, so had to get back to an earlier save. Also went through just one more turn, and one more fight, in that Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic scenario, but there I’m at the end and in a clear position to win, so I’m more interested in trying to get the most experience and exploring the entire map first.
I guess I could also mention that I got back to using the Kone XTD after nearly a month of using the spare mouse and I didn’t notice more double clicks just yet. The issue does become far less noticeable when the temperature it’s lower and it just got colder now, so that may help me stick to it for a little longer, but without a way to somehow manage to open and fix it, this is at best a matter of delaying the inevitable. But the Kone AIMO was actually launched and they brag about microswitches lasting ten times as long as those on the Kone XTD, so I guess it will be an option when it’ll get to Romania as well, assuming the full price will be the same I’m seeing elsewhere in Europe and I’ll also be able to extend the warranty period to at least four years, even if, as I mentioned before, it doesn’t mark a return of that button above the wheel that I really want, retaining the number by having one at the base of the thumb area instead, has at best entirely pointless, and possibly detrimental if not completely turned off in every way, lighting as a major focus instead of something to be done away with already, and also uses the new software instead of this one I know causes no issues. I just really, really hope it’ll be much more reliable, and otherwise that it retains the shape and the functions, because the mouse is what I use the most if you think about it and I got really used to a good thing, the Kone XTD fitting me just about perfectly in every way, the only small complaint being that I can’t set buttons to start programs directly and have to first create keyboard shortcuts and then set the buttons to act as those shortcuts instead.

But this post’s title mentions a small traffic spike, and that started on November 11, when I posted a comment on an article about the recent, and hardly surprising, WP-SpamShield mess. Since I had quite a bad experience with that developer myself, I included a link to my post about that mess in the comment I posted there and that attracted quite an unusual number of visits. Had noticed a couple of visits to that page just before that as well, probably due to searches prompted by these developments, but between October 12 and November 10, so in the 30 days before posting that comment, my site had a total of 123 visits and 163 pageviews, therefore averaging 4.1 visits and 5.43 pageviews per day, while between November 11 and 17, so in the week since posting that comment, I had 100 visits and 133 pageviews, therefore averaging 14.29 visits and 19 pageviews per day. The peak was on November 12, when I got 26 visits and 38 pageviews, with the next day following with 23 and 35, respectively.
Either way, it was mildly entertaining to see how others quickly got to the same conclusion I eventually did back then, quite nicely spelled out by someone in the comments of that post as “Talking to Scott Allen is like talking to a brick wall.” A brick wall that finds ways to assign blame to anyone and everyone else for any issue that may come up, mind you, while portraying himself as some sort of perfect programmer, with his work being perfect products that have only advantages and can’t possibly cause issues. Also, a brick wall accusing anyone who says differently of abuse and harassment, and then goes as far as blocking messages and even banning said, shall we say, detractors from accessing his site completely, as it happened to me. And, on that note, when I checked after posting that comment, and once again now, I saw that the ban is now an aggressive one, any attempt to access the site redirecting me to a file called 1000GB.zip, which I assume would do what the name implies if I’d somehow allow it to start downloading or opening. Since in that discussion there was a debate about the need for specific malicious intent in order to identify something as malware, I’d say that redirect would fit the bill, wouldn’t you?

Oh, forgot to mention something funny: The larger cutting board we had was badly cracked for some time and eventually broke for good while dad was using it, so yesterday he came with another one which he said my mother bought while they were somewhere together and then gave to him, saying it was for me. Well, it’s the smallest size available, according to the label, and I definitely wanted a significantly larger one if we had to replace it anyway, and also one made of a single piece, so it’ll last longer and also not be glued with who knows what, so that’s another “surprise” and “present” that whichever one of them actually bought should shove somewhere, but the text at the bottom of the label definitely deserves a picture. I mean, “High quality bamboo, special artwork, natural green, envirenmental proteetion and sanitation, People need bamboo for inhabitancy under the circmstance eating without meat”? Some automated translation tools would have done a better job there!


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