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Annoying Micky, Books and Still Not Catching Up

Micky sure was annoying again yesterday, when I didn’t quite close the door to my room, leaving it open just a crack, as I was bringing food here from the kitchen. Was just in the kitchen for a matter of seconds, taking the last things, but by the time I got back to my room, both cats were here, and while Liza ran out as soon as I walked in, Micky was next to my desk and squeezed herself through behind the computer, through the cables, seeming to again mean to sit under the desk after that. However, unlike last time, now when I tried to approach she even went behind the desk on the other side, behind the UPS, and then I couldn’t prevent her from going back out behind the computer again, and then get in again the same way.
Could eventually get her out by putting something there to try to stop her squeezing through the cables yet again and then reaching around the desk and grabbing her as she was lying down, but my computer showed up as being briefly disconnected three times while she was squeezing through behind it, likely because the thing that should hold the jack going in the switch in place in the cable connecting my computer to the switch is broken, so she was moving that jack as she was passing through. But at least she didn’t move any power cables in any way that caused problems, not in any obvious ways at least, so I could breathe a sigh of relief once I got her out… And again later, when I again left the door cracked open, this time behind me, since I meant to go back out of my room right away, and she got in again and tried to find a way past me when I moved to block her way, then tried again as soon as I turned my back after initially going out when she noticed there was no way through, so I eventually had to close the door for those few seconds I needed to be in here.

Monday I first went to Auchan, dropping off some more plastic bottles and aluminum cans and grabbing just something small, but also seeming to have it confirmed that the cashiers that work at the “fast” checkouts, where they just scan items and then you use a machine to pay, aren’t trained to do anything, because I went to one of those and when I handed her the ticket from the recycling machine she looked at it with some confusion, asked me whether it was that kind of ticket and then said she didn’t know what to do with it, starting to say something about those at those checkouts in general too, but I waved it away and said I’ll just go to one of the others. So I guess this makes it very clear that whenever I’ll bring stuff to be recycled there, I’ll need to use the “classic” checkouts, which is what I have been doing whenever I managed to successfully use such a ticket so far.
Either way, after using one of their free buses to get there, avoiding walking through slush and under snowfall and wind, I used one to leave as well, but just until the first stop on its route, since I just wanted to take it to the nearest metro station and I wasn’t quite sure how far that was and whether it’ll stop again there. Now I’m sure it would have stopped, but it wasn’t a problem to walk that short distance, worse being to go from where I got back out to Kaufland, to grab a couple more things, and then to the next station from there, since it’s pretty much right between two of them and I saw little point in going back when I had to keep going forward once back on the metro.
And the reason why I had to keep going forward was that I also borrowed another book from the Library that day, after having for some reason decided to read Ivanhoe. Now trying to read a “classic”, even one such as this, normally won’t go well and so far it certainly doesn’t, making me wonder whether I’ll even finish in two weeks and likely struggling all the way, but for some reason, earlier this month, I remembered taking a hard look at the old Romanian edition that was in these boxes of old books that ended up stored in my room before adding it to those donated, and grabbed the free Kindle edition as a result. But then I decided to see what the Library had as well and when I saw they also had it in English I decided to grab it from there instead, even if I had to go to one of the branches “for children and youth” for this copy. Did find a decent number of books in English there though, even without counting the classics, but nothing that seemed interesting at a glance.

Still on the matter of books, Friday I was notified that League of Dragons had arrived as well, even though the initial notification listed the delivery date as between January 24 and February 6. But I of course had the money for it set aside, so I just got dressed and rushed over there to pick it up, mentioning that I hoped they didn’t deliver both copies again, as in including the one from the order I had canceled. But, of course, they had, or at least the person there said so, but now that she knew of the issue she just brought out the one in the second order, which was slightly cheaper, and what happened to the other one is their problem. And I also mentioned the whole thing when I got an e-mail asking me to fill a brief survey about my experience with them.

In between there was Saturday’s protest, of course, which also marked the first time I used my boots again after they got fixed. Was wondering whether they’ll hold, considering the weather, but they did, though that of course didn’t mean my feet didn’t get soaked, since they’re not made to keep water out. Definitely took me quite a while to put shoelaces on them again though, since dad had taken the old ones out before taking them to that guy to fix them and, with those being quite torn anyway, had bought new ones for me recently, which meant I had no model to take after. But I eventually figured it out, so it was just a matter of some lost time.
On the other hand, since that was my first protest with a phone that can also be used as a radio, I meant to use it as such in order to get information on the way, but found that I couldn’t quite do that. At first it was a matter of having a bit of a hard time keeping it on the same station, since locking the keys doesn’t seem to affect those that change station, and likely also volume, so stations were changing as I walked with it in my pocket before managing to find a better position for it… Only for it all to become quite irrelevant because it can’t work as a radio underground, so as soon as I reached the metro station it went quiet and it was therefore a good thing that someone else said out loud that we should go out at Romana Square due to the problems at the University Square station.
I could have still used it as a radio after that point, at least, and did so until I reached University Square, but other than a brief mention of the trouble at that metro station as I was walking there I didn’t hear anything useful. Still, after turning it off there, turned it back on after we got moving, trying another station as well, but my hopes to still get some useful information died out soon enough, one of the stations I thought would be focused on the protest playing music most of the time and the other having a talk show about it, with just a very brief intervention from a reporter before I gave up, because that sort of talk was just diverting my attention without offering anything useful.

And I guess I’ll end this post here. Sure meant to finally catch up with those long walks from December which I’m yet to write about, and had looked for and copied the messages written about them back then for this purpose, but this is long enough and definitely took far longer to write than I thought, and I still want to struggle to read some more this evening, plus that there are a few other things to do as well. I definitely mean to catch up someday, but I have no idea when that will be.


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