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Quite a Run, Strange Argument, Another Prize and Getting Tricked By Kaufland Again

After the previous post covered most of about two and a half weeks, this one will just focus on yesterday, though I will also mention that Sunday I finally managed to get myself to clean my room a little bit again, for I think the first time since Christmas. Also finally seem to have managed to get back to playing Disciples these days, getting back to that sixth “Divine Empire” scenario, the autosave being from November. At first I ended up losing my main hero and finding that autosaves, which are the only things I’ve been using in these scenarios, not making others, somehow save some enemy progress, such as summons and unit levels, done after the end of my turn, so reloading the last autosave got me in an impossible situation and I had to just copy the initial one back and start over, but Sunday I got through that initial tough situation just fine and advanced, and last night I played some more, things seeming to have become manageable.

Since I keep feeling tired and my joints still complain, rather meant to not run this week, or at least to wait until Friday and then see whether I’ll run then or skip the week, depending on the weather. But instead I ended up deciding to run yesterday, though I at least meant to take it easy, just aiming to stay under 49 minutes, maybe trying to stick as close to 15:40 per lap as possible in order to get 47 minutes for the three laps, with 48:30 only as a possible, but still not quite desired, target if it’ll seem particularly easy to recover that much on lap three and the final sector after maintaining that pace for the first two.
Well, that didn’t work, the time being 47:43, with sector times of 4:28, 5:11, 5:51, 4:36, 4:57, 5:46, 4:23, 4:53, 5:44 and 1:54, making for lap times of 15:30, 15:19 and 15:00. So the first two sectors were fine, the third was rather fast but I knew I had pushed a bit, meaning to see what that pace would mean, and then I slowed down well enough on the second lap’s first sector. But then I saw another runner ahead of me who seemed just slightly slower, though he was also running right next to the lake, between it and the path, and heard a clearly faster one coming from behind, so I moved aside a little to let the faster runner go on his way easily and started a little race with the other one, which may well be someone I “raced” with before, maybe back in December, or maybe not only then.
As I got closer to this slightly slower guy, he moved on the path and accelerated a bit, but I went past him at the “chicane” before the bridge and he stayed right behind me all the way to the end. He didn’t try to overtake or even come alongside me, just stayed there, probably using me to slightly reduce the air resistance he had to face, though at least there was little wind. And hearing his steps and breath right at my back all the way made me really push, resulting in those great times after that point, including a third lap that’s the second fastest lap ever, and obviously the fastest third lap, and a time on its second sector that I’ll end up listing as a second shy of the sector record, but which is not impossible to have even been faster, since I don’t recall the exact time and therefore whether it wasn’t in fact a bit under 4:53 and I don’t have the exact time I managed back then either.
As I finished lap three and turned to climb the stairs leading to the park exit, I gave the guy a quick thumbs up, though now I wonder whether, assuming that he noticed it at all, he correctly identified the finger I had lifted, as I sure hope he didn’t end up thinking I flipped him off. Either way, that may have added a second or so to my last sector time, but that wasn’t the reason why I was so slow then, the time actually being the same as back in December, after that other such “race”. I was simply too tired after pushing so hard, so I just got to the end without pushing again.

After I got back, dad started an argument, or I guess a tense discussion, that continued in the evening, after we both got back, since he had to leave rather quickly in the afternoon and I left again before he returned, ending, I wonder for how long, when my mother called and interrupted us. It’s pointless to give the details here, but it had to do with protests and politics, apparently triggered by some things which had been revealed, and it really seemed to come out of nowhere. It was frustrating, disappointing and even a bit annoying, since he just kept talking over me and we often ended up repeating the same little bits, talking rather at instead of with each other, all of it showing not just how contrasting and utterly incompatible our views are, which is no news, but also a complete lack of understanding of my position, in a number of ways, and of any interest in understanding it, which is the worst part.
A troubling part was how he kept using the plural “you”, saying that since I participate in protests I’m one of those that support this or that, I’m part of those groups, and seeming to also hold me responsible for their actions and any resulting outcomes, just ignoring any of my attempts to say I don’t really associate with those that sort of try to organize these protests, don’t share their views in plenty of ways and in general just keep doing what I usually try to do, which is to find things that can unite us, some common goals, and when possible set aside what sets us apart, such as many of them more or less openly, more or less strongly, supporting those he sees as the worst dangers and evils, while I see those, as well as perhaps plenty of them, as circumstantial allies, enemies of my enemies, necessary at the moment, and when it comes to protests I know how masses of people work to some extent, what can and what can’t work, and act, and accept others’ actions, accordingly. That’s way worse than the simple fact that those we see as the worse evils and biggest threats are on opposite sides.
There were plenty of other things, but I said it’s pointless to give the details here. After a certain point, he just kept repeating that if the others are stupid, which is of course pretty much always the rule with crowds but he was also referring to other groups I guess, you don’t associate with them, you just sit at home, relax, maybe persuade one or two others to also move away, and wait for your time to come, when people will wise up and be ready to do what’s right, or more exactly what he sees as right. Which is, of course, a great way to never do anything, and to ensure that the right time will never come, but there was no getting through to him.
Like I said, the whole thing was quite an unpleasant surprise and particularly disappointing and frustrating, and at this point I expect the matter to pop up again, maybe more and more often. Also wonder whether this means I’ll have problems with him when I’ll attend another protest, not to mention if I’ll end up in some sort of trouble because of that, or because of some other form of activism. Of particular concern is how at one point he was saying that people who go there and have those views must not have families, because otherwise their families would take them aside and hold them back one way or another, then even saying that there will soon come a time when neighbors will learn who supports these things and knock on the doors of protesters, activists or simply people who vote for those supporting these things and hold them accountable. That seemed particularly threatening, obviously the part about families in particular.

Something good happened in between the parts of that discussion though, since after dad left in the afternoon I got called to give my address in order to have a prize delivered, after winning another one just before going to bed Wednesday night, or more exactly Thursday morning. Happened to notice that there was a contest for something dad buys anyway and that it was again a matter of prizes given to the first person entering after certain lucky times, and with five “picnic sets” per day, it was statistically probable that one such time would be at night, when few people would enter, so I used my usual strategy for such contests and it worked on the very first try. Was somewhat worried that I may end up winning one of the big prizes, vouchers to use at a travel agency, which I’d have no use for, but that worked out nicely and I guess there should be something useful in the kitchen in that set, plus that it all seems to come in a backpack. Do hope the person who called got my address right though, as she didn’t even repeat it back to me, and it’s strange to want to get this information by phone instead of asking for it to be clearly written in an e-mail anyway.

As I already mentioned, I also went out again in between the parts of that discussion, taking some of what I still had set aside in order to make a small stock of pasta, as there was a very good sale in Kaufland, including for the kind I prefer and which I can’t seem to find elsewhere, and it ended today. And I wanted to get some more black radishes too, those also being on sale until today and something that, being paid by weight, allowed me to spend exactly the amount I could afford in order to have exactly enough left for one last order I can make from what I had set aside.
Well, Kaufland being Kaufland, I got tricked again. Got the five bags of pasta and exactly the right quantity of black radishes to be left with exactly the amount I still needed, gave the cashier the coins I had as well so she’ll give me my change in a way that will leave me needing to use the least amount of coins to pay for that planned order, but saw her leave the coins there, then push them back to me after she handed me the bills. Then I saw her look at the amount displayed as the change needed, seeming to calculate something, at which point I noticed that the amount seemed wrong, but couldn’t figure out just what the problem was immediately, only noticing after she gave me some more coins and the receipt and moved on to the next customer that she had scanned the black radishes twice.
Did point that out to her, but she said she gave me the amount, 0.70 RON, back, and she had indeed given me that much that last time, but something was obviously wrong… Yet despite standing there for a few minutes and trying to figure out how I had been tricked, my brain simply refused to work and the fact that I was getting even more panicked and embarrassed because of it only made it worse. I knew I had been given less money than I should have been, I knew I didn’t have enough left to pay for the order, but simply couldn’t figure out how, what exactly happened, couldn’t add together what I had been given or deduct what I should have paid from what I did pay, just found myself incapable of those simple calculations until I got myself out of there, away from people, in particular from the one I had just interacted with in that manner, referring to the fact that I had pointed out her mistake.
What happened was rather simple: I had given her a 50 RON bill and 0.70 RON in coins for something costing 11.65, so she should have given me back 39.05. Should have given her 50.65 and I could have done so, but that’d have required taking a step away to pick up a 0.01 RON coin from the floor to add to the other four I still had and I only spotted that one and thought of it just as she was scanning my items, at which point I was rushing to put them in my bag as well so I won’t hold things up and decided against it. Either way, since she scanned my black radishes, costing 0.70 RON, twice, she had ended up with a total of 12.35. And she had also left my coins there, taking only the bill, so the display listed 37.65 RON as change. Yet instead of giving me the 0.65 as well, she gave me the 37 RON and then gave me back the 0.70 I had given her, then added 0.70 more to make up for what she had scanned twice. So, in short, she gave me my own 0.70 RON back instead of the 0.65 she should have given me on top of them, and that left me that much short for that planned order.

Speaking of that order, I’m very uncertain about it, but while I decided not to make it last evening, since the option to pick the product up yourself isn’t available and I wanted to make sure it won’t end up being delivered before I’ll have enough set aside again, I guess I will make it this evening, assuming the product will still be on sale. It still is on sale now, but I want to order it quite late in the evening so they won’t actually take the order today, adding another day before delivery, just in case they’ll be very quick about it, and I don’t know how long the sale will last or whether they consider a day as ending at midnight or at some point during the evening. So there is still some risk that I’ll have to put it off for another time or maybe just give up on the idea… Which probably won’t be a bad thing, for a number of reasons. But if the sale will last long enough, I guess I’ll go through with it and see what happens.


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