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Carrying a Lot and a Bag Tearing as I Was Crossing a Road

The last thing I ordered was delivered yesterday, but I need dad to set it up and that’s not done yet, and may not be done tomorrow either, so I’ll get back to it later. Need to write this quickly anyway, but instead of getting right to it I just spent about an hour under the blanket, warming up and trying to rest a bit, though I didn’t sleep despite being sleepy. But now that I took the last of the laundry out and put it to dry and put my sweater on, I really should get to it, see how far I get before this evening’s match and how I’ll manage to finish it after that starts.

It was weird Wednesday morning, when I dreamed I had inhaled something and was trying to get it out and woke up actually doing that, struggling to cough and spit out or at least dislodge something I felt in my chest. But I wasn’t quite awake, so my mind was somewhere between the weird dream and what was actually happening, making it hard to be sure what was real, and that got even stranger when I fell asleep again and woke up again later, the memories of the dream and that moment likely having mixed even more in between. But something did happen then, because I kept feeling something in my chest that day and kept finding myself trying to cough it out. The feeling seemed to have largely gone away by Thursday though… Even if it seems that writing about it made me cough again just now, and feel like I have something there again, albeit faintly.

Thursday I went out to buy some things, taking the plastic bottles and aluminum cans which had gathered to the recycling machine again. Couldn’t make it accept the four cans, but that happened before with those, so I wasn’t surprised, though it was stranger that it also kept refusing one of the bottles, which was of a type that it does tend to complain about but which I had so far managed to get it to accept after a few tries. It accepted the other 27 bottles just fine though, and without stopping to say that it was full, so I didn’t have to open it and push things around again. Might have done so at the end, to save the next person the trouble, since after it printed my ticket it did say it required emptying, but there was an old man who kept standing around the area and I didn’t feel like doing so with him looking at me.
Since there was something of a line, after paying I didn’t have much time before the next free bus that’d have taken me part of the way to Kaufland was to leave, but I really needed to go to the toilet, so I rushed to do what I had to do and unfortunately that also resulted in my bags tipping over when I set them down to wash my hands, a couple of things ending up on the bathroom floor. It did look clean though, and what fell has plastic packaging, but I still tried to avoid putting those things back with other food and wiped them with my wet hands after getting back, before putting them away.
Either way, just barely managed to catch that bus, more or less running from the toilet and finding it already there, with people getting in, when I stepped outside. But I had used the bathroom closest to the exit that’s closest to the stop, so that was no problem. Something that was, on the other hand, was that I had forgotten the bag I usually use for bread. Did have another I could use for that, plus the large one I had carried the large bottles in and one of those used to seal things you bring into stores, which obviously doesn’t have handles but may be used for a few things, but considering everything I ended up getting, that wasn’t quite enough.
After stuffing my purchases from Auchan in a locker at Kaufland, I checked prices there, then went to the nearby Carrefour, picked up a couple of things from there and returned to Kaufland for the rest. Since I intended to go to Kaufland the next day as well, some oranges being on a good sale just between February 16 and 18, I might have left the rest for then as well, but in the change received until then I still hadn’t gotten the two 1 RON bills I still needed in order to have the exact amount to pay for the order, which I knew was very likely to be delivered the next day, so I got everything except the oranges from there as well, then did my best to put everything in the three bags I had.
The first attempt resulted in a very heavy large bag, which I realized I won’t be able to carry in one hand all the way, so once I got outside I moved some things around, then eventually put the large yogurt in a pocket, since that bag without handles was even harder to hold with it inside. That still meant stopping very often, to switch hands and hold on better, when that bag was slipping out of one hand and the other was getting too tired of holding the large one, but I also kept improving my “strategy”, first ending up sort of hanging the large bag at my elbow, then somewhere on my forearm while holding on to my jacket with that hand, and eventually I also ended up carrying that bag without handles as you’d carry a box, with the third one sort of hanging from my fingers. It meant I managed to carry everything, close to 13.5 kg, some 9.5 of which in the large bag alone, but it took me some 45 minutes, which is about twice as much as it normally does to get from there to here.

As for yesterday, at first I meant to go to a farmers’ market to look for some more of those cheap but tasty apples and then back to Kaufland for the oranges, but dad said he was going to that market for fish and to have a look at a nearby store, so asked him to look for those apples too and I just went to Kaufland. Passed through Carrefour on the way too though, and as I was on my way out I saw an employee bring a lot of products to the place where they put the heavily discounted ones that expire soon, people quickly gathering to take their pick, so I stuck around as well and ended up grabbing four small “Greek yogurts” for very little. Then I put the bag, with them in it, in the same locker I had used the previous day when I got to Kaufland and got the oranges from there, and some more cornmeal, since it was cheap and dad said he was likely to use all we still had that day.
A first problem was when I tried to get the yogurt back out of the locker, as I was entering the code and it wasn’t opening. At first I wondered whether I had typed it wrong and kept trying others, assuming I had hit a key next to one I intended to hit, but eventually walked to a guard and told him I couldn’t get it open… And he couldn’t either, since he came over and did something, probably entering some master code, then told me to wait. I’m actually not sure anymore whether he first came back and tried again after that or just waited for someone to get back to the customer service area, since nobody was there at first, but once an employee did get back there, he asked for some object he used to force the door open and allow me to get my stuff. He never asked me what I had in there or anything else in order to prove that I was actually the one who had put those items in that locker, but I guess it’s possible he was just inclined to believe me once he saw that the lock really was malfunctioning, and he did say there was a problem with the lock when I asked, and I did also tell him the code I had set when he came to force the door and there may be a way for him to see what code had been set, if it had been saved correctly and the problem was something else. But those are excuses, because the behavior is worrying either way.
That was a small thing compared to what happened next though. I only had one bag with me, so I put everything in it, but the total weight was about 4.6 kg, so I didn’t think it was going to be a problem… And I was wrong, because it tore just as I was crossing the road. Unlike last summer, when one handle of a bag tore off as I was crossing the street in front of the building here but I was able to hold on, now both handles tore away at once, the bag fell on the road and two of the yogurts fell out of it. That was just after the green light started flashing, so I barely had a few seconds before the one for cars was going to turn green, and if simply grabbing those two yogurts wouldn’t have taken long, as I did so the other two fell out as well and I didn’t have enough hands to pick all of them and the bag up, eventually somehow managing to sort of “sweep” those two back in the bag and drag it to the sidewalk, without standing back up.
That definitely took way longer than the time I had before the light for cars turned green, and I did notice one car waiting for me out of the corner of my eye, but that one was turning and I actually didn’t notice many others passing even after I was back on the sidewalk, so I think I may have been lucky and the light had only turned green for those making that turn and not for those going straight, or more exactly coming straight at me in that scenario. But I can’t be sure, as I don’t really know how that intersection works and really wasn’t paying attention to the road once I managed to get off it. Not that I had been really paying attention while I was still on it either, knowing I had to focus on picking up my stuff and getting out of there in as few seconds as possible.
After all of that, when dad got back as well I saw he hadn’t bought any apples, and when I asked he said he forgot to even look. He offered to get some from this shop nearby, but I wanted that kind of apples and from there, or at least some from a farmers’ market, since it’s possible to buy them like that instead of imported ones, maybe also at twice the price, from a store. But maybe he’ll go some other time, and if not I have some fruit, the oranges, and I’d rather not buy anything next week, since I may just get away with it otherwise.

Speaking of next week, really have to read Good Omens then, because I need to return it next Monday and I still haven’t even started it. May be able to extend the loan, but I’d rather not try it if I don’t have to, even if focusing on that is likely to mean I’ll more or less end up dropping Disciples again, since I left that as it was before writing the previous post, not having played again since. But if I won’t be going anywhere except maybe for a short walk, just to say I went out that week as well, maybe not even running since the forecast lists wind, rain and sleet pretty much all week, and likely muck on the ground, maybe I’ll manage to do both. Depends on how much time I’ll spend in the kitchen I guess, and maybe also on whether I’ll manage to get myself to clean around the place some more, since at least the floor in the kitchen and the bathroom need washing, in which case I’d first have to vacuum there and should take care of the hallway as well while I’m at it.


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