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Quite Sure This Is the Worst Flu Since I Was Little, If Not Ever…

There was a first small sign Monday evening, a few more Tuesday evening, and by the time I woke up Wednesday it was quite clear I was coming down with something bad, and the fact that I went out after maybe some two and a half hours of sleep sure didn’t help. By that evening, it was clear that it was really bad, and yesterday I was just crushed. I can barely get out of bed, until earlier today I hadn’t even crapped in three days, and it’s been four since I showered, though I plan to try to take a bath now. And the fact that I banged my head hard in the kitchen again last night sure didn’t help either, and trying not to fall asleep quickly after that failed, as about one hour later I just couldn’t even sit anymore and crawling in bed and hoping to lie down but remain awake didn’t work, as I just fell right asleep.
Really don’t feel like I can just pull through this one, so, bar one little thing I accepted from dad back when I had one that lasted for weeks and something I took just to calm my sore throat during last year’s massive protests, I’m quite sure it’s the first time since back when I was still living with Andra when I’m taking some medicine and not just tea and lemons and pepper and such. Not that much and nothing strong yet, but I had to give in because this was clearly flu and a really bad one, as this year’s seems to be.
Details, links, corrections and anything else later, right now I’m content I managed to post something here, since otherwise I hardly was on the computer yesterday and today, not catching up on anything and so on. The plan would have been to finish League of Dragons today and have the quick review for that be today’s post, but I decided not to read now, leave those final chapters for tomorrow, and throw this on here now instead. Wasn’t sure I’d have managed to write any passable quick review in this state anyway, so hoping I’ll have a better chance tomorrow, if not even Sunday.


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