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Two Runs, Purchases, Finishing Book and Scenario

Last week’s run was Friday, the time being 48:16, with sector times of 4:17, 5:06, 5:53, 4:35, 5:11, 5:58, 4:28, 5:07, 5:52 and 1:49, making for lap times of 15:16, 15:44 and 15:27. Had set my alarm to 2 PM, but woke up around 1:45 PM, it was 1:54 PM when I got up and looked at the time and exactly two hours after that I was starting to run, wearing the training shirt as well and with the jacket tied around my waist, and a metro card with six trips left on it in the inside pocket of said jacket, after finding it in the park, on the way. Also wearing my gloves was a good idea, but that shirt worn over the t-shirt was a bit much, since the reported 3-4°C definitely sounded cold but I was already starting to feel hot from the first lap’s second sector. The much bigger problem was my left knee though, since it didn’t even last three kilometers, starting to hurt before the end of the first lap, and the pain again being this new kind, which worries me more. And, of course, trying to spare it resulted in bad liver cramps even during the second lap’s first sector, so I had to try to manage both issues, resulting in that bad second lap and a few other spots hurting a bit. Lap three wasn’t too bad though, there were times when the knee almost stopped hurting, though on the other hand there was some pain where I almost had that stress fracture. But I could do well at the end, also being helped a bit by a guy I saw ahead of me on lap three’s third sector. Thought I could catch him, but he was a bit faster, added a few more meters to the distance between us, but kept me pushing.
This week’s run was Monday, the time being 48:23, with sector times of 4:15, 5:11, 6:02, 4:28, 5:06, 6:02, 4:29, 5:07, 5:54 and 1:49, making for lap times of 15:28, 15:36 and 15:30. With a reported temperature of 5-6°C, was wondering what to wear, considering two t-shirts but eventually deciding to still take the training shirt, and the gloves, but wear no t-shirt underneath, which proved quite fine in the end. Also had some more things in a bag in the pocket of my pants, but that didn’t bother me. Left around 3:40 PM again, though it was 3:55 or 3:56 PM when I started running, my knee reminding me it still hadn’t recovered after the previous run even while I was doing the few little moves I do before a run, and only holding for about 1.5 km. Didn’t hurt that much though, I managed to keep it in check better, there were plenty of moments when it seemed almost fine, though it immediately let me know if I got less careful, and sparing it obviously became harder as soon as liver cramps started again, also quickly, since I can’t seem to manage to do whatever I’m doing after they start from the beginning, I guess mainly because I don’t know what exactly I’m doing then, just listening to my body and doing what it still allows me to. Either way, that very fast first sector, with an exact time of 4:15.72, actually felt slow to me, but then when I just let myself run normally on the next sector, neither pushing nor holding back, I ended up with a poor time, which was the case for the third sector as well. Tried pushing on lap two but fell shy of the 15:30 goal, so gave it what I could on lap three, though I can only say I pushed really hard on sector three, since I really needed to gain time by then, and it was enough.

Going back a bit, a plate broke in the microwave Thursday night, splitting pretty much down the middle, all the way from one side to the other. And I’m sure that had been in the microwave before, but then it just decided to break, the issue being that it was the one I put over the tea when I made it, so had to look for other options since then. Also, earlier that day, I accidentally pulled on my headphones’ cable while cleaning and they fell on the floor. They seem fine though, the glue still holding too, but when I wanted to test them a bit more I unplugged the cable from the computer and plugged it back in and it sure was hard to find the position in which that contact works again. Was actually getting worried, since after finally managing to find it, I had to go through that two more times, since when I was getting back on the computer I had no sound at all. I did find it quickly that second time though, and it hasn’t happened again since, so maybe that will be good enough for now, until I’ll next need to unplug them or touch that contact in some way, I guess.

Friday, after the run, I wanted to go to Auchan without pushing my knees even more, so rushed to catch the next free bus, got there seven minutes early, waited for over 15 minutes and eventually just came back, after again seeing what looked like one of their buses turn away on another street, seeming to confirm that they really do skip this area during rush hour. But I did have to go, at least for cat food, so after coming back up I grabbed the plastic bottles too and then just walked, not even seeing the next bus coming past me on the way, though it should have done so at some point even if it would have turned away there. Still, that at least allowed me to quickly go into the metro station on the way and test that found metro card, finding that it did indeed work… And so did the recycling machine, finally, though I just had a few bottles this time. But I got what I wanted and a new plate as well, not that we don’t have plenty or that it could replace that broken one when I make tea, but it seemed on sale and for some reason I’ve been wanting some opal stuff for a long time now, so it was an opportunity I guess.
Left the store in time for the bus which should have taken me closer to Kaufland faster, but someone said it had left early, so I took the other one which should have left at the same time, which was actually late, and went to the other Kaufland instead, though I accidentally got off the bus one stop too soon, when the only other person left also got off. Still, soon after getting off I found a 0.50 RON coin on the sidewalk, which meant that getting off sooner left me with enough to get a pretzel, which I ate on the way back. Was actually wondering what to do with the small amount I had left after getting what I meant to get from there, apparently being just in time to find one last package, with the plastic the bottles are in being torn but that not bothering me too much at the moment, when there was an announcement that their pretzels were on sale for just 0.01 RON less than what I had left, so I thought I might as well. That was just a little thing though, since that night I also made something and really stuffed myself.

Saturday, I had just gotten back in bed after peeing when dad called, the time I saw being 9:54 AM, telling me he had been called to be told the exhaust hood we had ordered was going to be delivered in 15 minutes, and it was exactly 15 minutes later when the intercom rang, so I had plenty of time to change clothes and be ready. Then, after he also got back, I finished the book… And fell asleep with it next to me, under the blanket, dad waking me up suddenly when he felt the need to tell me the kitchen light had burned out, which for some reason resulted in me being left with blurry vision out of my left eye for about one hour, until it could finally focus properly again. As for the light, I found another 25W CFL on the balcony, but it gave a lot less light than the old one, and the next day I noticed multiple cracks in the plastic, just after the glass coils go in it, so I wonder if that’s the reason, if indeed those existed from the beginning and didn’t appear when I unscrewed it in order to try others as well, and how far those cracks go, whether it releases any dangerous substances. Either way, after another nap, I finally got myself to write the quick review for the book as well, though that was anything but quick, taking me quite a while to cut down my notes, which had over 500 words and didn’t include the bit about the last chapter and what I added after it, to the 350 words which are my limit for “quick reviews”. If I’d have cleaned up those notes a little, I guess I could have turned them into a passable full review, but didn’t feel I could, or in fact should, write a “proper” review for that.

As for Sunday, finished the second Syron scenario on Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, and in the evening ordered a LED bulb to replace that one in the kitchen. However, that one was listed as producing 1350 lm and using 15W, while a 25W CFL should normally produce 1500 lm and I had also seen a pack of two LEDs listed as producing 1521 and consuming 12.5W, so I guess these Philips CorePro ones, though they weren’t listed as CorePro on the site I ordered from, and they worked out as costing less per unit than that other one. So, when I saw that dad had left more than enough money for those, though I had just told him how much that single one would have been, I decided to order those as well, intending to cancel the other order if dad won’t have anything against it, leaving him a note to let him know.

Monday, I actually first woke up just after 9 AM, and when I saw the time and that I had messages I assumed that I had gotten notifications that I could pick up the light bulbs just then and that woke me up, since there didn’t seem to be any other particular reason, but later noticed that the messages had been sent close to one hour earlier, so it couldn’t have been that. Either way, went to pee so that won’t wake me up later, checked to make sure I could still cancel the order for that single light bulb, then got back to bed. It was really hard to get back to sleep though, the fact that dad woke up soon after that definitely not helping, and I was also getting annoyed as I heard him “wash” the stuff left in the sink, knowing he’ll make a mess, water everywhere, use too much stuff, and not clean things properly anyway, leaving me to struggle with dried stuff left on them. In the end, almost certainly took me over one hour to fall asleep again, maybe closer to an hour and a half.
When I woke up again, at 12:30 PM, I found no reply from dad to my note, so assumed he had nothing against that second order and canceled the first one, then spent a bit more time in bed before actually getting up for good. After that, washed the stuff better in the kitchen, got even more annoyed, and meant to write big messages for him, telling him again to either just let me deal with things or, when he wants to do something I usually do, do it right, explaining what “doing it right” implies when it comes to stuff in the kitchen, and put them on the furniture, threatening to write or even scratch directly on the furniture or window, or both, if he’ll take them down or ignore them when written like that. However, I then glanced at the money still left there, above even what was needed for those two light bulbs, which I had meant to leave, and decided I’ll “tax” him for the trouble, at first thinking I’ll just take 1 RON more and get myself a pretzel but then deciding I’ll take all of it, perhaps get myself something costing a bit more, and use the rest for another look through that farmers’ market, since I hadn’t been back there in a while.
After the run, which I wrote about above, there was still enough light for me to stop on a bench and write down the times on the rest of the little piece of paper I had written the order number on, using the pen I had also taken, though I had that in my jacket’s inside pocket, while everything else was in that bag in the pocket of my pants, so I’ll feel it all there and not worry about losing any of it, not that there’d be any real way for anything to slip out of my jacket’s inside pocket as it’s rolled up and tied around my waist. Then, even though I hadn’t shaved in a while, went directly to pick up the light bulbs, that being why I had taken everything with me.
Since I just had that one small bag with me and wanted to have a look through the market, couldn’t put the light bulbs in it and they wouldn’t fit inside any pocket while still inside their packaging, so opened it up, put one in each of the pockets of my training shirt and the packaging in the inside pocket of my jacket, looking for a proper place to throw away the plastic… Which I didn’t find before deciding to first have a look inside the Carrefour Market that’s right next to the farmers’ market, spotting some pastry that looked interesting but deciding against getting that one just then since it was the last one left and the listed schedule stated they should bake more soon, so I could come back if I won’t find something else. So, finding nothing else I wanted either, I meant to leave, being stopped at the exit by the alarm, which obviously prompted the guard to ask what I had in my pockets. She mainly seemed interested in my jacket’s pocket, bulging due to that plastic packaging, and even seemed a bit surprised when I pulled one of the light bulbs out of my shirt’s pocket, then barely glancing at the back of the invoice I gave her to prove I had just purchased them from elsewhere, only opening it when I told her to really check, all the while still keeping her eyes on my jacket’s pocket and asking what I had there again after that bit was done. When I pulled out that crumpled packaging and showed it to her, she quickly waved me away.
Checked the farmers’ market too after that, but that was also just a waste of time, since even though it was over one hour before the listed closing time and the forecast listed strong wind and rain starting the next afternoon, followed by highs below freezing until next week, just a few were still selling things and even those were getting ready to leave, and none of them had anything I found interesting anyway. So I crossed the road and went to the actual Carrefour from that area, finally finding a bin for plastic and this time leaving the light bulbs and even the pen in one of their cabinets, since they don’t require a coin there, and wandered around for about one hour. Did get a big pastry from there, not asking whether they’ll make more even though only two of that kind were left at the time and the other one looked a bit strange, then eventually decided on a few other things, making sure it all added up to almost exactly what I had on me. Even managed to fit the other things in that little bag, just carrying the bag with the pastry separately and putting the light bulbs back in my pockets.
Once back, I changed that light bulb in the kitchen with one of the new ones, getting worried when it didn’t work at first. Tightened it more and it worked then, but that fixture from the kitchen does tend to have this issue, the contact apparently not working, at least with some bulbs, unless they’re screwed on very tightly, using an amount of force which may well cause cracks, and perhaps not even then, so I’m wondering whether this doesn’t cause them to burn out sooner too, in case that contact still isn’t quite right even when they do work. But for the moment it seems fine, so I then ate something, even making a salad, since dad wasn’t back yet, leaving the pastry for the next day. The hot water was an issue when I showered at night, but I could manage, even if it was just warm and made me feel a bit chilly at times.

Yesterday morning I woke up just about crying, though of course I still couldn’t quite manage to actually cry, and almost unable to breathe. Was curled in a ball, absolutely terrified, the final straw, the part of the dream that made me wake up in such a state, being that I was being forced to go back to school, though there had been scary shit going on before that too, almost like my mind was taking it step by step in terrorizing me that morning. Been a while since I woke up like that, or since a dream really scared me, but that was really bad, and I’m not even sure whether I wasn’t aware that it was just a dream, which would be quite unusual, or the very idea was so terrifying that it didn’t even matter. I mean, that also hasn’t happened in quite a while, fortunately, but if I dream of my biggest fear, being aware that it’s just a dream doesn’t make much of a difference.
On a different note, later dad got the old exhaust hood out, along with the cabinet it was in, and as I was helping with that I “managed” to have the part of that hood that pulls out pinch the skin on my right hand, and with neither of us having hands available to pull that thing out and release it at the moment, I had to just pull my hand away, tearing a little bit of skin away. Once that was done, we tried to figure out how to place the new one there, finding that it’ll be quite a lot of trouble to keep that cabinet. It would take a few changes even if we’d put it at the same height, and dad wanted to do that at first while I wanted to follow the instructions and place it a fair bit higher, but now he wants to place it higher and I’d go with placing it just as the old one was instead, to make things simpler, because placing it higher and keeping that cabinet as well would require a fair bit of work on it and I doubt it even could be done, at least if we want to do it well. We could also just put the hood there on its own and move the cabinet elsewhere, maybe just covering that bit at the back that was left exposed before, for the old hood, but the new hood’s optional cover is made so the exhaust can freely go out the back and we need it to go out on one side, so unless we’d leave the hood exposed, the exhaust would have to go over that cover and then back down to the hole in the wall, which definitely won’t help it get the steam out. So the better option remains to still leave at least a part of that cabinet there, to be able to leave the hood exposed inside it, but that will be quite a lot of trouble.
Either way, we got this one, and I insisted on it too, because the old one was extremely noisy and seemed to be pretty much useless for years, so we hardly ever even tried to use it for a long time, and the noise was pretty much the only effect I noticed the few times I did. However, with both of them out, I wanted to compare their power… And found that the new one, despite being listed as quite powerful, and definitely far above any others in its price range, doesn’t seem to suck much of anything. It blows a fair bit of air out, but not much seems to be happening under it. On the other hand, when we tested the old one as well, it not only seemed more powerful, but it wasn’t nearly as noisy as it used to be either. Noisier than the new one, definitely, but nothing like it was when we tried to use it while it was installed, leading to the conclusion that it was a matter of vibration. Admittedly, that old one just has glass and plastic at the front, that part that you pull out, and that plastic seems to have melted from the heat to some extent, one side hanging lower, but on top of that it may have simply been a matter of it no longer being fixed properly, which also means that if the new one won’t be fixed properly, it could become just as noisy, and still be less powerful… And when the old one didn’t seem to have much of an effect, that’s bad news. I mean, yes, that old one only actually sucked in air at the back and we usually cook on the front burners, but while the new one has filters over the entire surface, since it can’t retract that front part, it just has one motor, still at the back, in the middle, while the old one has two.
All of that made me consider even suggesting returning this new one and trying to just fix the old one, but I didn’t say it yet, and not sure whether I will at all. This new one is quiet enough to be usable at any hour, and maybe it will suck in air from the front as well, at least to some extent, plus that I’m quite sure it uses a lot less power, but if it won’t get the steam out well enough, it’ll still be a pointless expense and cause a lot of trouble if dad is to actually install it, and we won’t really know how well it does that until we do install it. On the other hand, considering the discounted price we bought it at, a powerful fan for the bathroom and the exhaust for it won’t be much cheaper, and this way we’re left with the old one, which I already suggested might be used for that. Thought we could just shove it in there, behind the window, after the work dad did, but it’s just a bit too big… Or too big at the moment, since dad said he recalled that the space in question was just the right size at first, but the tiles he put there obviously reduced it a little, so maybe it could work if they’d be removed. Will be tricky though, and it’s not certain that it’ll work there, and in that position, anyway, plus that it would often get used at night, after I take a shower or dad takes a bath, and it may be too noisy for that even without that vibration.


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