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Back to Lords of Xulima, More Heavy Stuff, Another Small Protest

Seems like I ended up getting back to Lords of Xulima after all, Sunday. What a sudden stop that was, with the last save being made at 4:21 AM on September 26, the difference in playing time from the previous one showing that I had played for quite a few hours that day, and then didn’t get back to it in just about five months. Do have the explanation for it though, having no Internet access for days due to the cable being cut again and deciding to take the opportunity to get back to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, since that fully used one CPU core and therefore made SETI@home work units take longer to finish at a time when I couldn’t get new ones anyway.

So, yes, this means I again really don’t feel like writing, but since I need to post something anyway, I should at least mention this week’s run… And the fact that next week will be quite a problem, since I should cover a half marathon distance again and the forecast lists a lot of wind. Even considered going yesterday, though I was tired and it’d have required just going to the toilet, grabbing the usual stuff to eat as fast as possible and rushing out, but then I looked outside and saw that it was windy then too, even if likely less so than it’ll be next week. So I may decide to push this to the following week, but it’ll mess up my schedule, and if I’m to have a poor time I guess it’d be better to have an excuse for it too…
Either way, this week’s run was Wednesday. The reported temperature of around 8°C, coupled with the fact that it was mostly cloudy and there was some wind as well, made it a bit uncomfortable, being at the low end of just wearing a t-shirt but clearly too much for anything else, but I wore my jacket on the way and ran in just my t-shirt and it worked out. That wind felt on the way wasn’t much of a problem while running, and the path around the lake was finally reasonably free of people too, so I guess the main issue was that some muscles, admittedly mainly my arms, were still hurting after carrying heavy stuff again Monday evening. For that reason, I just aimed for a regular time and that was what I managed, 48:12, with sector times of 4:15, 5:06, 5:53, 4:30, 5:05, 5:56, 4:34, 5:08, 5:55 and 1:50, making for lap times of 15:14, 15:31 and 15:37. Do have an exact time for that first sector too, 4:15.49.
Went out at 3:45 PM and got back just before 5 PM, thinking I had to rush to catch ski jumping after having forgotten about the previous day’s event, but finding that it actually started at 5:15 PM. Micky again proved to be a problem when I got to my room though, and I don’t even know how she slipped past me. I was right at the door, went in just to leave something, got back out, didn’t spot her anywhere, but when I turned back around I saw her inside, obviously getting behind the computer again. But since I didn’t move, she got out of there, again fortunately without messing anything up, and obviously wanted to jump up to the window, so I waited until she did and then picked her up from there.

Since I mentioned Monday, first went to Auchan, taking the plastic bottles which had gathered again too… And then coming back with them. Went out almost ten minutes early and the free bus was five minutes late, so I waited for a while, and when I got there I saw that the recycling machine was malfunctioning again. It didn’t display an error at first, but it couldn’t take the bottles, the flap at the back seemed stuck closed and it kept rejecting them until it finally did give an error, so I just left them on it and went inside without even telling a guard about it. Got what I meant to, more bread as well, since it was still cheaper, and then found that cat food Rocky supposedly likes too and stocked up on that as well, and I went out with enough time to spare, on purpose, to check the recycling machine again, finding that it still displayed the error and my bottles were still there. So I just put them back in the bag I had brought them in, and as I was closing it an older woman came to ask whether the machine worked and we exchanged a few words about that before she walked away.
After getting back, I went back out, taking the other recyclables to drop off on the way and then going to Carrefour and Kaufland as well, taking what other money I could find too, since that cat food meant I had already spent more that I could afford and there were other things to get for my parents. So I got what I meant to, plus more cooking oil, and stocked up on cereals for myself too… And was then faced with the problem of carrying it all back. Actually weighed it all, or more exactly weighed myself and then weighed myself again while holding all of that, and saw that it all weighed just about 18 kg, and there was the problem of bulk as well, mainly because of the toilet paper, and the fact that I just had four bags, two of them small, and it was hard to get everything to fit, more or less balance the weight, and also be careful to hold the bags in such a way as to avoid any of them tearing, since the handles of two seemed about to when I held them in certain ways. So it’s no wonder that I struggled until after the area around the National Arena, then a bit later stopped to try to hold the bag with the toilet paper and one other thing under my arm, quickly gave up on that idea since it kept slipping, then stopped again and rearranged the things in the bags and tried to hold just one pack of toilet paper under my arm, then gave up on that as well when that also kept slipping, tried to arrange things differently in the bags yet again, ended up holding the larger bag with both hands, in front of me, walking awkwardly, then stopped again in order to manage to hold two bags in each hand again, and had to keep stopping after that, on this last part, putting the bags on benches to regain my breath a little bit. Barely made it, taking me just about one hour to cover the two kilometers.

As for Thursday, there was a protest to go to, at the Ministry of Economy, about a proposal which would be even worse than some of the things we protested against back in 2013, clearing the way for some harmful mining projects, among other things. Since it was starting at 11 AM, so we’ll be there during business hours and one representative will be able to go inside and attempt to have a discussion, I set my alarm at 9 AM but ended up waking up at 8:55 AM. Wanting to be sure I’ll be there on time, I left at 10:05 AM, but got out of the metro station at 10:30 AM and would have been there less than ten minutes later, so I wandered around for a bit, looking for a place that was supposed to be in that area. That only took a few minutes though, I’d have reached the location at 10:47 AM, so I stopped when I saw the two organizers and a few gendarmes there and wandered around a bit more, realizing that I should have taken my Library pass when I passed by one location, and then also by the main one after it was all over and I got back on foot, since there was actually something I considered picking up.
It was 10:55 AM when I actually got to the location, after circling around like that, and I was still the first one other than the two organizers and a few reporters. And this time it was nice that Roxana immediately asked me to hold the cutout she had been holding until then, so she’ll be able to talk to the reporters, because that meant I could completely hide behind it and stay there until, around 11:20 AM, we moved to the entrance and she went inside. The gendarmes soon asked the rest of us to go back to the first location though, so we moved there again, some potted plants were used to hold the cutouts, doing the job surprisingly well despite the wind, and the roughly 20 protesters, plus a few of the reporters, spread out in a few small groups and started chatting, waiting for Roxana to get back. It was funny that right before she came out, at noon, a gust of wind did knock down those cutouts, prompting immediate amused shouts of “the government fell”. Then she told us that she had just been kept waiting only to eventually be told to leave because nobody was available, everything was quickly gathered and, at 12:05 PM, as the stuff was carried away, I left as well. Since I walked back, I was here at 1:25 PM, but I had used one of those found metro cards, dad’s monthly pass having issues again, so I just wanted to use one trip… And I realized I hadn’t walked that route in a while anyway.


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