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Quick Review: Sword, Steam and Sky: Four Book Fantasy Bundle

The inclusion of To Walk in the Way of Lions makes it an unusual bundle in a positive way, including more than one series and not just the first book of each, so I rounded up the overall rating for that reason. Nothing else to say about the bundle itself other than the fact that it’s plagued by what I gather is the way in which such Kindle bundles work, the whole thing being a single file and a single library entry.

Quick reviews of the included books:
Dragon of Ash & Stars – Rating: 4/5 [Note: Review of the stand-alone edition, in case there are any differences.]
To Journey in the Year of the Tiger – Rating: 4/5
To Walk in the Way of Lions – Rating: 3/5
Cold Stone & Ivy: The Ghost Club – Rating: 3/5

Interestingly, that means they’re placed in order of quality, at least as far as I’m concerned. A great first book followed by a good second, then a third with a good first half and a poor second half, and finally a fourth which is mostly poor and only saved to some extent by the final chapters.

Rating: 4/5


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