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Quick Post Before Walking the Route

Should have written a post today, or yesterday, considering the time, but I saw the forecast for the start of next week and realized I’d better go and buy what I still wanted to have before the half marathon, and only got back at 9 PM. Could have still thrown something here then instead of now, before going to sleep, but currently reading Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis and wanted to finish the first part. Maybe I’ll manage to write a more proper post Sunday, making it this year’s first “Sunday update”, but I may also just throw something here then too, possibly that quick review of Eschalon that’s what I still have more or less prepared to just throw here when needed, and leave the update for next week.

Either way, went out at 4:15 PM, unsure in which order I should reach the places I wanted to reach, and was thinking to get the free bus and go to the other Auchan first, but I expected to need to wait longer for it, so was just sort of pacing on the sidewalk when I turned and saw it near, and I couldn’t react in time to signal it to stop, and nobody wanted to get off here, in fact seeming empty when I looked inside as it drove past me. So that made it easier to reach a decision, first walking to that pharmacy to see whether I could get another one of those cereal bars with magnesium I got last time, to be able to try it first. I guess these things that are just before the checkouts aren’t on the site, since I couldn’t find anything of the sort when I searched, but there were a few, I think four if I remember correctly, left there, so I got one and plan to try it before walking the route now, and if it doesn’t cause some sort of problem for some reason, eat the other right before the race.
After that, went to that Kaufland from that area, first to pee, one of the three times I had to go before getting back, all the tea, including some for kidneys, since taking magnesium and potassium may cause problems, definitely having quite an effect, and then to get the kind of pasta I eat before such a race, that specific kind being one I never saw anywhere else, and also some more of those things Liza is addicted to, since dad asked me to before I left. Checked prices for some other stuff too, but there was nothing else to get from there, so I then got to Auchan, albeit after getting a bit confused on the way. Wasn’t sure which street I was on and took a wrong turn, but I knew which way I was going and reached it well enough, but that first time I was only there to check prices, meaning to return later to purchase things, and then use the free bus to get back. And that was just what I eventually did, but first I went to the Carrefour from that area too, trying a somewhat different route and realizing too late that even the direction wasn’t quite right, so actually losing time by going around. Didn’t think what I wanted would be cheaper there, and it wasn’t, but I did find some dark chocolate that was cheaper and meant to get one, though I gave up on the idea at the time, knowing that one at Unirii will be sort of on the way as I’ll walk the route and also wanting to just be able to walk back into Auchan with the bag with the stuff I had brought in the first time still sealed, since they don’t have cabinets to put your stuff. Did get another one of those gels, still the one with orange flavor, from a store next to that Carrefour though, that being another reason why I wanted to also go there, but I could just put that in a pocket.
As I said, after that I walked back to that Auchan and got most of the rest of the stuff, including a handful of almonds that I needed to wait for, since you needed to ask and the person who was supposed to be there kept wandering around, and a 400 g cup of that bio (organic) yogurt. Meant to get one of those “Greek” ones and had settled on one, a 300 g cup, to eat half perhaps Friday, try it out, and if all seems fine then the other half on race morning, but I didn’t get it from elsewhere, though the price was the same, and over there all of them expired on May 6, so I gave up on that and meant to give up on the whole idea of another yogurt, but then I saw that two of those cups were placed, separately and without any different label, in the area for expiring things. Had noticed one expiring on May 5 when I first looked where they normally are, and the rest on May 8, so again nothing to purchase, but when I saw those there I scanned them and saw a price that was less than half the listed one, and since the bar code was the same I then scanned one of those expiring on May 8 and it of course had that same discounted price, so grabbed it, as I guess it means they realized the entire stock they still had was going to expire and put the discount in the system, but didn’t get to move the actual products yet. Wonder if I’d have seen something similar if I’d have scanned one of those “Greek” ones, but it’d have been pointless to get one now anyway, if I can’t keep it until then, while this way I can eat this one these days and make the bucket, which I haven’t yet opened, last until then instead.
What I didn’t get were those mushrooms I tend to use when I make that kind of pasta to eat before a race. They were 25% more expensive than they used to be, both there and in Carrefour, but when I checked the label there I also saw that they were imported from Hungary, not grown here, so those were two reasons not to bother. Didn’t check at Carrefour, I guess I will if I’ll pass through that one at Unirii, but it seemed to be the same thing at a glance, and if so I’ll just use the can of “regular” ones that I saw we still have and leave it at that. Another thing I didn’t find were a kind of chocolate-coated raisins I also tended to get before a race, and those were one reason why I wanted to go to that Auchan too, since I couldn’t find them at the other one anymore, seeing two different kinds where you need to ask and not being able to see the ingredients. At this one I didn’t even see those kinds either, but I got plain raisins, and will get that chocolate, and end up with something even better, probably. More expensive too, but this time around I’m really going for it.

And since after posting this I’m going to do the day’s squats, since I didn’t so far, let me also mention that I have a new fastest time for them, 2:32, Wednesday. Pushed like crazy despite knowing I was going to run the next morning, my left thigh hurting a bit in one spot, and my right knee giving me a little warning before starting, and that was the result. Admittedly, not much of an improvement from the 2:33 managed Sunday, which had become the new record at that time, but it was just slightly better, so that’s the record now. Otherwise, had a 2:38 Tuesday, when it’s possible I actually did 101, perhaps getting confused between 86 and 87. Monday’s 2:42 doesn’t even seem like much anymore, but managing that same time yesterday does, after 10 PM and on around one hour of sleep in the morning, since I didn’t get back to bed after running.


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