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Restoring from Backup and Continuing to Test ESET

I’ll undo the work done recently to get a better ratio of non-personal posts with a second personal one this week, getting me back to a buffer of only one, but one of next week’s posts should be the review for Regions of Ruin, which I finished last evening, so I should at least be fine for one more week. And this won’t fit here, but just as I was sending a correction for that game’s entry on MobyGames now, there was another double middle click, this being the first one I clearly noticed since July 9. But there isn’t much of anything I can do about that when it happens so rarely, which may well continue to be the case until right after the warranty will expire.

Since I already mentioned something that happened today, I’ll start here, since this morning I woke up at 8:15 AM and was out the door at 9:20 AM, since all bio (organic) products have a 25% discount at Carrefour today and, on top of wanting to get there before they’ll run out of this yogurt, the forecast listed likely rain and even storms during the day, and it was already rather cloudy at that point. Interestingly, it cleared as I was getting back and was nice and sunny for a while, though just now it seems to be getting cloudy again and the forecast still lists possible storms, though after 3 PM and the risk dropped below 50%, while when I went to bed it was up to 70% in the afternoon, and over 30% starting in the morning. But at least I got that out of the way, though I got too much yogurt, clearly needing to freeze some of it to use when I’ll make mamaliga, and spent an almost equal amount on something else I also got, and I actually needed to save all I could now. But also got bread for all of next week from there, so I saved a bit with that, and this time I pointed out that the scales displayed 140 grams when empty and the person there corrected it without a word.

To get these things out of the way, Wednesday I left around 4:10 PM and saw 7:48 PM when I got back. Felt quite exhausted while outside, and it was hot, though it also got cloudy after a certain point. But the idea was to use the remaining four trips on the found metro card I still had, which was expiring that day. Meant to check other recycling machines, and after first checking another place to confirm that I could drop off used batteries there and get some new ones in return, making a mental note of it for some other time, I went on that planned route. Cora was the first stop, and after checking the exact location marked on the map before leaving to try to get a better idea I actually found the recycling machine quite easily, realizing that I probably passed by it last time, looking the other way. Had a look through the store too before searching for the machine, but didn’t get anything. Did end up getting two little things from the Auchan next to the new IKEA though, as I wanted to check for information about recycling batteries at IKEA too and it was right there, so I went there first and then to IKEA, though that was pointless, as I couldn’t find anything listed… And it was also infuriating, as I got to see with my own eyes how they cleared the trees from that entire area, apparently to ensure that the store will be visible. Either way, after that I went to look for another machine I just recently noticed should be at Obor and found it, and also saw that it’s a different kind and has rewards listed per kilogram, including for plastic bottles and aluminum cans, with one kilogram as the minimum amount required, so I really should ask if that means they can be delivered crushed, because I do believe there are enough beer cans from dad for that minimum amount and I’d sure like to not carry air anymore.

And now I’ll get to the things that messed me up even more these days, starting Thursday, when that issue with Vivaldi happened again, since I just noticed the incomplete loading bar for the page I was on as I was about to close it and couldn’t stop myself, and that caused it to no longer start again. And since there was no update available, trying to reinstall it didn’t fix the issue, since it would appear that something locks a file and the reason the update fixed it last time was that the new files were in a new folder, since it makes one with the version number and then deletes the previous one, which previous one I then noticed was still there, as it hadn’t been able to delete it that last time.
A reboot might have fixed it for the moment, but I didn’t want to do that, so I tried uninstalling it, but that didn’t work either, since nothing was showing up when I tried to do that either. So I started searching for solutions, tried deleting the sessions and tabs files, then renaming the whole Default folder, then the whole User Data one, but nothing made any difference. It was only when I tried renaming the Vivaldi folder in Program Files that I realized that some file was locked, though none showed up as being open when I checked Resource Monitor. And after I later went through the folder to delete the files I realized that the file in question was vivaldi_child.dll, which I could delete for an instant, but then it reappeared almost immediately. It’s possible that the same thing happened with vivaldi.dll when I first deleted that as well, but after the second try it didn’t show up again.
Noticing exactly what file was the culprit came after reinstalling it again though, and that came after renaming the Vivaldi keys in the registry, so it’ll act as if it wasn’t already installed. But I highly doubt any of that had anything to do with why it worked after doing that, the reason almost certainly being that I installed it per user, not for all users, so the files were created in the user folder and it no longer tried to use that one from Program Files. And then I confirmed that settings had nothing to do with it by copying the whole User Data folder over the new one and seeing that it still started. Then I cleaned up the old Vivaldi entry from installed programs, telling it to delete it when it realized there was nothing to uninstall, but was left with the Vivaldi icon pinned to the taskbar and I could neither get rid of it nor use it. I could remove it after reinstalling it the first time that day, but after the second time it seemed that it put the original one there again, as trying to click to unpin it did nothing at all, clicking to use it resulted in a message stating that it can’t be found, and clicking to remove it in that prompt did nothing either. Even looked up other ways to remove such icons and deleted a link file from a listed location, but that did nothing either.

All of that made me decide to actually do what I had actually planned, not simply uninstalling ESET Antivirus after the trial period, but restoring from the “clean” backup made before installing it, to make sure that no traces of it will be left, including when it comes to security certificates and keys. Also apparently made me manage some very fast squats, 2:19 on Thursday, but to get back to the matter at hand, this was even more important after realizing that ESET was probably the cause of those Vivaldi problems, and likely related to Internet Explorer often using one CPU core fully for quite some time. But Internet Explorer either recovered on its own if I waited or, if it didn’t or I was impatient, I could immediately see which process was doing that and kill it, and it never refused to start again, regardless of how I closed it. Vivaldi, on the other hand, didn’t give me any indication of what process should be shut down, in case that was somehow the solution, and didn’t seem to recover on its own either, and then it of course refused to start at all if closed in that state. Sure took me a long time to figure that out, only doing it quite some time after the trial period had ended, but since I had neither uninstalled nor purchased it yet, it was good enough. Was actually just about to purchase a license, for two years too, but hadn’t done so yet.

Either way, despite being awfully scared of going through that again, yesterday I did restore from that backup, again formatting the system partition and the associated “System Reserved” one first, and everything seems to have gone well. Also, after being wary of checking other sites without security software at first, since I don’t remember Vivaldi freezing in such a manner if I was only using it for GOG.com, I did so for a while and the problem didn’t reappear without ESET installed. And then I installed it again, and started another trial, which may be unfair but is necessary in order to decide what to do. However, this time I started the trial from the installer and didn’t change other settings either, so it was active right away and apparently that already caused it to create that certificate and turn on filtering for secure connections as well, and Comodo Firewall didn’t notify me about it either, though it had done so when I enabled that setting last time, seeing that it wasn’t enabled at first. Whether that was because it wasn’t active, since I looked through the settings before starting the trial, or they changed the defaults between then and now, since there has been a program update, I’m not sure, but what I did notice was that only svchost.exe and Internet Explorer showed up right away as programs being monitored in such a manner. Now I have no idea whether Vivaldi would have showed up as well after I’d have started it the first time after reinstalling ESET, but I disabled that sort of filtering before doing so… And that seems to have resulted in it not having any power over Vivaldi, since if I added a site to be blocked, one which normally shows up in an iframe, it’s still blocked in Internet Explorer, albeit with an error, including errors appearing in event logs whenever it happens, instead of ESET’s message, but at the moment I’m writing this it seems to remain accessible in Vivaldi.
Either way, Vivaldi continues to work, that problem didn’t reappear even with ESET installed, now that it doesn’t actually do anything to it anymore, and at least up to this moment when I’m writing this I haven’t noticed Internet Explorer using up one CPU core in that manner either. But I don’t like the price for this, and I confirmed that it blocks HTTP connections to something it detects, but for HTTPS, which is nearly everything now, it’ll only react when the files are being saved. Even if I keep reading that it’s bad practice to allow security software to intercept secure traffic and it’s supposedly safer to let browsers handle it while the security software should stick to scanning files once they end up on the computer, which was what Emsisoft limited itself to as well, I really want that sort of “interference”, and the browser being stopped from accessing something potentially malicious in the first place, in the rare case that I may stumble upon anything of the sort. But, more importantly, I also want to be able to block things I don’t want to load through the security software, and by that I mean just such a regular, “Antivirus”, solution, not an “Internet Security” one, to be able to continue to pair it with Comodo Firewall, since the fact that Emsisoft was no longer able to do that for anything loading in an iframe, and for anything not visited directly in Internet Explorer, was an important point against it.
But another issue now is that, since I activated ESET from the installer and didn’t change any options, that initial scan started, and it’s still running, after close to 19 hours at this point. A quick search revealed even worse cases, and I see what it’s doing, using the most thorough settings and really working through installers, stopping for several seconds at DLLs too but spending even 30 minutes or so, maybe even more, on large installers, or those of complex programs, and I have all the games from GOG.com plus installers for various other software and drivers. But it’s those games that are the worst of it, and while it goes faster through some, reporting an “unsupported option”, and also goes quickly over those that just have a smaller executable and separate files for the actual content, those that are in a single, executable file take an insane amount of time, and there are plenty left. And it’s not like there’s anything for it to find, but by this point I’m curious how long it’ll end up taking if I just let it do what it wants to do.


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