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New Finds – XVI

I’ll just make a quick addition to this series, mainly to avoid needing to use another one of those old book reviews to get myself a “slot” for tonight’s post. Just three bands in this one, and only one of them an actual recent find, but that’s what I was left with after ending up dismissing the other one, also from Japan, that was even more recent and which made me think of looking through the Asian bands I knew of. Will likely return to that one later, since at the moment the issue is that there are few songs in English and the accent on the older ones is so bad I can hardly tell they are in English. But, either way, after dismissing that one and another one from Singapore which split up a few years ago and had bad vocals anyway, I was only left with two “proper” Asian bands, not including those from Israel or the exact locations of those from Russia, and one of them is an old find. So I then went back to my initial idea, of looking for African bands, but other than Analgesia, which was awesome and I already included in such a post, I only had two of those to begin with, and pretty much only added one back when I stumbled into it because it was so unusual to see such a band from that region, so I don’t care to put it in such a post. But, even though the other African band is also an old find, and may also no longer be active at this point, at least that left me with three bands, which will have to do.

That Japanese band I didn’t discard is Lovebites, and while you definitely notice the accent in the vocals, otherwise they really don’t sound like something you’d expect from a band from there, and even less so like an all-female one. Now I didn’t listen to many of the songs, so I’ll go straight with Rising as first pick, being the one video from their second full album, and with what I read was the ballad from the first one, Edge of the World, but if you’re interested you can currently find just about everything on YouTube. I’ll probably go through at least a few more myself after posting this, and hope I won’t end up regretting including them in such a post once I do, but at this point I don’t think there’s a significant risk of that.

The second Asian band is Blodwen, and they’ve been around for much longer, and I’ve known of them for much longer, but for some reason I remembered them as a band I didn’t care to add in such a post. Based on the few more recent songs I listened to now, I really wonder why, but I first heard of them quite a number of years ago and things might have been different then, and I see that even they don’t have the first full album uploaded on Bandcamp, where they have just about everything released later. Don’t see their most recent release there yet though, Darkest Day Blackest Night, out just this month, so I’ll use that as first pick, to add something particularly recent. And for the second pick I guess I’ll go with Lovelorn, which was also released as a free single, but is in fact from their second full album.

As for the third band, that’s Crimson Chrysalis and it’s from South Africa. Judging from the lack of posts for the past couple of years and the fact that the site vanished, they seem to no longer be active, and they also don’t have a Metal Archives entry, but then again, they list themselves as symphonic rock, not metal. They are listed on Spirit of Metal though, so I’ll use the links from there for the albums. All of the second one is actually available on SoundCloud, but I just went straight with the first video they have for it, Sacred Vow. As for a pick from the first album, let’s say Angels and Demons, to be somewhat different. May end up listening to that second album after posting this, since it’s there, but see no reason to believe I may regret adding them in such a post, at least if you don’t count the fact that they may no longer be active.


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