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This is another September 27 post actually written at night, but should still finish it early enough to still schedule it to be posted at the usual time instead of actually posting it just then, as it was two years ago. And I didn’t even need to make use of one of those old book reviews to free up a “slot” for it, since I managed to throw together that other post this evening, which I guess also counts as something done today. Before going to bed, I did rather mean to try to do that, but the date really hit me when I got up, so I was very uncertain that I’ll even make an effort, but still sort of thought I might give it a shot and eventually managed it, even if it was just a quick one with just three bands and without really going through songs.

Since I mentioned waking up, I guess I was first woken up by some faint noise and I waited for a while, wondering if the cause were the cats or dad waking up, but despite eventually realizing it was dad, still had to go pee, so I did that at 10:15 AM and then spent close to four hours struggling and failing to get some more sleep. Dad started cooking and making noise in the kitchen and I was pretty much stuck there, unable to sleep and too sleepy to get up, occasionally drifting off and waking up again almost right away, and dreaming of my parents waking me up even when I did briefly fall asleep, seeing 2 PM when I finally managed to drag myself out of bed.
As I already mentioned, the date really hit me at that point and I just about crawled back in, but decided to grab something to eat, and after doing that in the kitchen and taking the grapes to eat here, I got on the computer and started trying to gather links and listen to songs for that post, just focusing on that and not even going to the bathroom again until dad left after 5 PM… At which point I ended up cleaning up after him in the kitchen too, though I was telling myself that this time I won’t bother with anything.

Will need to get going after getting up though, and get up earlier that I did now, since there will be another climate protest, also from 4 PM. It was announced on short notice like this, but I guess I’ll go and hope I’ll again be surprised by the turnout. Seems very unlikely though, considering the short notice and, possibly even more so, the fact that a march for animal rights is taking place at the same time, so those focused on that, likely including all the vegans that had quite a notable presence last week, will be absent. But I’ll see what will happen, and then I’m also waiting for a reply to know whether I’ll be going to help put together some more of those recycling kits or not, since I was saying that the person coordinating this said we should alternate, so there won’t be the same people each time, but I saw them posting another call and I sent an e-mail to ask. At least we had hot water again today, which I didn’t expect, so I could shave easily… Though I also confirmed that I’ll need to glue the shaving brush back together again, since last time I thought something seemed loose and now it was threatening to fall apart in my hand.

It again feels wrong to talk about other things in such posts, but since I already did, guess I’ll also mention that today’s squats were done in 2:26 and yesterday’s in 2:21. But what may actually be fitting is the fact that this evening I had a code for Divine Divinity refunded and added the difference to buy one for Arcanum instead, so I now actually have five games played while I was with Andra to give away, Divine Divinity having been played after I got thrown back here and bought because it was so cheap, in case I’ll want to add one a bit more expensive. But both of us actually played Arcanum, and I actually have a couple of other memories specifically tied to it and us, so when I saw it on sale now it was clear that it had to be one of the five. Unfortunately, couldn’t get any of the others that we both played or that bring back clear memories having to do with her, due to either not being on a good enough sale during this period, having some regions pay more than the base price or being unavailable on GOG.com at all. There was one other I could have picked, and there’s still a chance that something will come up in the weekend sale or the next weekly sale, but I’ll feel too bad to ask for another refund to replace something, so I guess this is it for now. At least they’re all games I played then, and I wanted to pick them like this, to remind myself of the one period when life seemed to have a point, when it made some sense to be here, and there was room for hope when things were going well, for thoughts of a future that wasn’t just bleak, frightening and painful.


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