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New Finds – XX

Maybe the 20th post in this series should have been somewhat more special, but instead it’ll just be another rushed one with only three bands. But it seems that such posts, also forced by my need to come up with something non-personal to post, did help last year, as there were a total of five posted, including a total of 19 bands, and only two included what used to be the normal five bands, the other three only including three. Of course, recently the problem was that I stopped checking out that Power of Female Fronted Metal group completely due to finding it overwhelming, considering the amount of stuff that guy keeps posting, so I didn’t have any new finds, yet two days ago I decided to have another look at what had been posted over the last couple of days, ending up with two new names, and then last night I just happened to spot something else that I wanted to post right away.

To start from there, the “something” in question is No Planet B by Coronatus, which became even more interesting when I noticed that their entire new album seems focused on the issue. Now, Coronatus are very far from a new find, probably first stumbled upon them some ten years ago or so, possibly even around the release of their first full album, but after finding them interesting enough at first, I quickly ended up discarding them completely, being left with the thought that I won’t care to listen to them again, likely mostly because of only having a few songs in English. Still, I seem to remember happening to stumble upon a few more songs in recent years and wondering whether I should give them another chance, yet kept deciding against it, just listening to that one song at that time and moving on, not even adding them to the pile of names that mostly get forgotten on my list. But now I’m posting them here, and going all the way back to that first album for the second pick, since I remembered that chorus from Scream of the Butterfly the moment I saw the name again. Had it on repeat for quite a while back then…

The first actual new find is Since Ever, and since what was posted was their video for Following, I’ll go with that as the first pick. And I’ll make it easy for myself and go with the other song they have a proper video for, Alive, as second pick. But they have everything on Bandcamp if you’re interested, and in fact everything from their first, and so far only, full album is on their YouTube channel as well, so just the other two songs from that more recent EP aren’t in both places. There is much in their sound that I’m not fond of, as a matter of personal preference, but then there are the parts that got me interested, and they’re quite good at doing what they’re doing either way.

And the last band I’ll include here is RavenWord, or Ravenword, since they seem to keep switching the spelling. They’ve apparently been around for quite some time, also releasing a demo in 2011, but it was largely a different band back then and their first actual album will be released at the end of the month, so I’ll just go with what was posted, Blue Roses, as first pick. As for second pick, going with the version of Bleeding Moon that was on that demo, though it’s not really something from a different album, since it will also be included on this new one, as in fact all those old songs seem to be, albeit some of them with different names and possibly even different lyrics. Singing in English seems to be a bit of a problem now, while on the demo it was better, and there are other uncertainties as well, but also some interesting parts and sounds.


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