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New Finds – XXII

Yes, another quick addition to this series, and in fact another one actually written earlier and scheduled to be posted now. More exactly, I had first ended up including these three bands in the previous post, but then didn’t like having six in one post, got rather lost in trying to pick a seventh, left it for the next day and then realized that I only had one “slot” for a personal post after all, so the idea I had, to schedule two personal ones for this week in case I still won’t have suitable Internet access, won’t work without copying at least one more of those old book reviews, which I didn’t want to do just yet. So I guess it’s a bit of a trick, and maybe I should consider this as part two of post 21 in this series instead of the 22nd one, but I’ll just stick with the regular numbering…

I got to two of these additional bands after noticing, as I mentioned at the time, that Aryem was the only band from Mexico that I ever included in such a post. As a result, I searched my list for others from there, dismissed the one that actually had a release last year, and was left with one other and Edenwar, whose vocalist is from there. They’re in a different league compared to Aryem, but don’t exactly seem active as a band anymore, and the project wasn’t even intended to release a full album at first. But they did release one, and A New Silence and Depths of Insanity are readily available, so I’m keeping it simple and having those as my picks.

Which leaves me with the other band I know of that actually is from Mexico, Mutum. As for the picks, from their second, and so far last, full album I’m going for The Memories: Gloria Victis, which may show up as simply Gloria Victis elsewhere, while from their first one, after a quick search and based on what I could find at a better quality, let’s say Wings of Glory. They haven’t released an album since 2013 and I’m quite sure I first heard of them around the time the video for Gloria Victis was posted, in 2014, but I didn’t even need to start to actually listen to it in order to remember it, and I’d say they’re clearly the best band in this post, or at least were at the time that album was recorded. And they do seem to still be somewhat active, and seven years passed between their first two albums as well, so the amount of time since the second one may not be that bad of a sign.

And just as I was looking over that previous post, considering it finished, a few more things were posted by that guy on that group, and I ended up with another new find, Lark Puden. I’m not seeing any activity in quite a few years, and their one album is from 2014, but I’m adding them, and in fact they’re the reason why I ended up with two of these posts, after all. Good female vocals, pretty good sound otherwise, but they seem to insist on messing things up with those bad male vocals. At least they’re not growls, but they really should get rid of those, and I tried to pick songs that are less affected by them, ending up with More Time With You and Between Darkness and Light after spending way too much time trying to decide, I guess since I was in “extra time” anyway. The whole album is on Bandcamp though, so you can listen for yourself to see exactly what I mean.


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