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Brexit Is Now a Reality…

Just under three hours ago, Brexit truly became a reality. Yes, the rest of the year will be a transitional period and pretty much all the details are still up for discussion, and some less terrible things may yet come out of this mess, but I have been one of those who… Well, can’t exactly say I continued to hope all the way to the end that it’ll be avoided, since any remaining hopes died a month and a half ago, but even now I still continue to at least wish that things will somehow be turned around. Until and unless that happens, however, this is one of the strongest contenders for the top spot on the list of the worst things to happen in Europe for quite a number of decades, or at the very least since the start of this century.
Everything has pretty much already been said and written everywhere by now, and I couldn’t get myself to write much more about much of anything at this point anyway, so I’ll leave it at this, but I just wanted to express my… I guess my sadness would be the more appropriate term, since disappointment would imply that I realistically believed in a better outcome, which wasn’t exactly the case, considering my opinion of people. As I already said, I still wish for it, of course, ideally for the next government to have the courage to turn things around completely and for the process to skip as many stages as possible, but otherwise there are also the ways that involve splitting up the United Kingdom, with Scotland and Northern Ireland breaking away and returning to the European Union quickly, as independent countries, and then perhaps a part of England including London and at least a few other large cities, and possibly Cardiff from Wales as well, breaking away to form a country of their own and return as well, leaving just the rest of the territory outside if an agreement for the whole Kingdom to return won’t be quickly reached. But I don’t see such developments as probable, so I’m just left marking this sad moment and saying that, while clearly one of the worst in quite a long time for Europe and for the future of the entire world in general, in quite a number of ways, maybe some will find ways to avoid the most disastrous consequences. Again, hold few realistic hopes of that, humans being how they are, but just maybe…


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