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Wasting the Current Opportunity Makes for a Hopeless World Environment Day

Yes, today is World Environment Day, and I should be posting something about it. With this year’s topic being biodiversity, I probably should in fact be posting something specifically about that. But I guess everyone else will, and some might even move past that completely unreasonable optimism that makes most keep saying that the doomsday clock is stuck at a few seconds to midnight, making you wonder only whether they’re just lying to everyone else or to themselves as well. So I’ll just keep it short and stick to what I already said in the previous post: It’s clear we wasted this immense opportunity offered by the current circumstances, setting ourselves even more firmly on the path of destruction and worsening problems for decades to come and, when it comes to the environment in particular, ensuring that everything is lost, yet we must keep fighting because we can’t allow ourselves to give up. Not because there’s any reason for hope left, not because we may still reasonably believe we have a chance, but because we have a responsibility, a duty towards the other species we share this planet with, towards the ecosystem as a whole, and even the tiniest shred of a theoretical chance they may still have will go away if we don’t.
Can you say anything else when a mere quick glance over recent environmental news from a single source shows that, for example, even the recent reduced activity and restrictions only slowed the growth of the atmospheric greenhouse gas levels back to the past decade’s average when we know that it needs to be quickly halted and then reversed, air pollution quickly returns to previous levels and may even exceed them as soon as restrictions are eased, even the completely inadequate existing environmental regulations are being increasingly discarded and even the leading calls for changing the system still focus on growth and state that the private sector should lead the way forward when either of these absolutely ensures that there will be no chance whatsoever of averting particularly terrible outcomes? I highly doubt you can… Or, well, if you can, I’ll definitely say you’re guilty of that completely unreasonable optimism I was mentioning above, and either lying to everyone else or to everyone else and also to yourself.


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