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An Even Worse Run, Various Issues, Still Waiting to Send Phone in Service Again

With the current use of script blockers, plus some of the options available to people directly, Google Analytics sure is becoming less and less useful. For example I know it doesn’t display Sonya’s visits, and now, last Friday evening, somebody told me he spent hours reading my blog, but there was no trace of that visit, so I checked the site’s actual logs to see the 66 pageviews just on the blog that evening… But those logs are a complete mess, including all bots, spam visits and things other than posts, plus of course all of my own visits, and there’s nothing like the sort of filtering I can have there, so there’s no way to use them for the statistics posts and I’ll just have to continue those in this manner, with the understanding that they’re probably less and less complete. The fact that the days with no visits just meant no visits recorded there, not necessarily that there actually were no visits, was already clear.

Otherwise, after getting in bed after 5:20 AM last Saturday morning, waking up to pee at 8:30 AM and only getting back in bed half an hour later, after washing what dad had left in the kitchen and quickly checking something on-line, some ten minutes later my UPS got me back out of bed after beeping to let me know of a blackout. It was a very brief one, since it only kicked in for the five seconds that usually are the minimum amount of time, but outages that are particularly brief aren’t logged and even the shorter ones that do get logged don’t make it beep, so I guess that one actually lasted those seconds, and I checked again to make sure that everything was fine. However, at 1:30 PM I found myself jumping back out of bed, thinking that something was most definitely not fine, after being woken up by two more loud beeps. They sounded different, from each other as well, so now that I think of it I realize it might have been an alarm which was turned off right away, but my first thought was that a cooler had failed and the computer was overheating, though I checked the old phone first, since it was possible that it was one of its alerts, seeing as I’m not sure I remember how they sound anymore. But the phone had no issues, and turning the monitor back on and checking logs and then Open Hardware Monitor didn’t reveal anything odd about the computer either. Left that running though, until I actually got up for good, at 3:30 PM, but it just proved to me that nothing unusual happened during those two hours either, so I’m not sure what that was about. On the other hand, wonder if dad really is so absentminded or such a blatant liar, since in the evening he specifically told me he unplugged his Internet cable and didn’t, so it’s a good thing I checked for myself.

My mother was here Monday, and I saw her phones on the table, opened up, since she wanted to try to transfer the numbers from the SIM card to an older one because her current one didn’t work anymore, but that used a different kind of SIM card. So I put that SIM card in mine, and she could write down the numbers, but it just kept saying it can’t register the SIM otherwise, so I guess I could confirm that it’s really broken. Since stage two of the relaxation started that day here, that was one more reason to send it back one more time, so I filled the form again at night and the next day I received the message that it was approved. When filling the form, I selected Thursday as the day when I wanted them to come pick it up, but I’m yet to even get a message about that, so I’ll give them Monday as well, seeing as delivery services may be overwhelmed now, but I’ll ask what’s going on if nobody comes then either.

This week’s run was Wednesday, and it was even worse than last week’s. There were plenty of reasons for it, but that calf’s what worries me the most, since I felt it right away as I went down the stairs towards the lake and it stayed like that all the way to the end, though I probably noticed it a little less as I was pushing towards the end, not that it did me much good. Still, feeling it right away on those stairs made me realize that this is what probably happened two weeks ago, so it’s not that I did something to the muscle then, but that it was the moment when I felt something which had happened earlier, since going down those stairs for some reason seems to make it hurt, though the ones in the building here don’t seem to. Also, while that spot that hurts when I touch it is on the right side and lower, where the muscle hurts otherwise is higher and on the left side, as if it’s compensating for something and that causes an area that may otherwise be fine to hurt.
But, to get back to the morning, I again kept waking up, three of the times to pee, the last one being just after noon, so I considered staying up at that point, but decided to try to sleep a little more after all and actually managed it, until the alarm rang, at 1 PM. Then I had the usual stuff, plus almonds, but honeycomb as the sweet thing, and had the running pants and the regular t-shirt on, plus stuff in both pockets, both because the running t-shirt and tights weren’t washed yet and because I meant to go to that Carrefour from the park after the run. Considered taking the regular shoes as well, but didn’t want to put even more pressure on that muscle, since those are clearly worse at cushioning the shocks, so I at least had the running shoes on and was leaving at 2:55 PM, when the reported temperature was around 20°C and the clouds had cleared, staying sunny all the way after that. It was quite windy though, and that was one of the problems during the run.
In the end, the time was 48:21.71, with sector times of 4:27.79, 5:04 (5:03.63), 5:54 (5:53.99), 4:29 (4:28.89), 5:00.16, 5:56.10, 4:36.08, 5:09.18, 5:59 (5:58.36) and 1:47.53, making for lap times of 15:25.41, 15:25.15 and 15:44 (15:43.62). So it was clear pretty much from the beginning that it wasn’t going to go well and after two laps the chances of staying under 48 minutes were pretty much zero, but the first sector of lap three made things even worse and I was worried even about 48:30, and the pretty poor sector two only made me even more concerned, that really good final sector being needed to not end up in an even more embarrassing situation. But the fact that I could produce such a final sector, even if I was out of breath by the end of it and my nose got rather irritated again, means I’m not in such a poor shape as the times might otherwise indicate, and it may be a matter of having to learn how much to push through the park again. That calf makes it rather hard to do so, however, seeing as it feels like I’m nearing the end of a half marathon run from the beginning…
That calf might have also had something to do with the few warnings the right one, as well as the right knee, gave me, but those weren’t much of an issue. I wonder if the slight discomfort and small additional weight placed just on my thighs by the few things I had in my pockets had some effect as well. The wind, as I already mentioned, definitely had one, however, and a few gusts made me feel like I was barely moving against it. But it was again the people that probably bothered me the most, the park again being quite crowded. In fact, leaving aside all the weaving, going the long way around and calculating paths, I believe only sector two of lap one didn’t have any roadblocks or misunderstandings that made me need to slow, sidestep or even completely stop. If so, sector three of lap one made up for it anyway, having three such moments, but I’m actually saying I believe that to be the case not because I think there might have been another sector free of such problems, but because there’s a chance I forgot one that was on that sector as well, since otherwise I know I had such issues on each one, starting from a misunderstanding with a cyclist coming from the opposite direction that made both of us need to stop right in front of each other for a couple of seconds in the first sector and ending with a little kid cutting me off and making me need to quickly sidestep to avoid running into him just as I was starting the final sprint at the end. The longest stop was probably at the end of sector two of lap three, however, when I had a double or triple roadblock in front of me, I didn’t even see clearly, and a group of cyclists were coming from the opposite direction as well, so we all stopped and I moved aside until most of them squeezed through, I think only taking my turn before the last one of them.
And then there was the worker with the chainsaw, forgot if on sector three of lap one or two. This wasn’t a matter of lost time, as I squeezed between him and the truck as quickly as possible, but it was scary, as he was standing next to the truck, his back was towards me and he turned on the chainsaw he was holding, to hack those branches hanging low over the path, just before I reached him, so I just had to hope he didn’t turn my way just as I passed him. Two guys on roller skates were behind me at that point and one shouted as they also went through that spot. The other told him to calm down because those thin branches won’t hurt him, but he said it wasn’t the branches he was worried about, but the chainsaw, and that his heart stopped for a moment. I shouted that mine did as well as they passed me, a moment later.

As I already mentioned, after finishing the run I turned around and went to that Carrefour. Even if masks are required inside, I hoped to be able to get in that mall without wearing the one I had with me, to first go to the toilet and wash my hands and face, then put it on before entering Carrefour, but when I saw a guard at the mall’s door I put it on before going in… The thing is that, seeing him there, I didn’t even look until after going in, only then seeing that I had entered on the route marked for exiting, as different routes had been created for people going in and out. He also asked whether I knew how to get to Carrefour from there and I said I did, the escalator leading straight to it being straight ahead from that entrance, after all, but when I passed the second set of doors I saw that the way to it had been closed off, so I had to keep my eyes on the signs and on what a couple of others who also seemed to be heading in from there seemed to be doing, to eventually get there after going a long way around. But at least there are toilets next to that Carrefour, so I could wash my hands there, pulling the mask down and washing my face a little as well before pulling it back up.
This time I also wrote down the times on the little piece of paper I had taken with me, stopping to do so before starting to look for what I meant to buy. However, despite taking some paper, I again forgot to use it before leaving, so I again didn’t have that discount code with me. But there will be other times to use it, and at least I found the first thing I was looking for, as well as bread. That kind that I can get from there had been supposedly on sale the week before, but at a price that was above what I’d care to pay for it, and now I see that it’s on sale again as of Thursday, yet Wednesday it wasn’t supposed to be on sale but, at least in that location, it was at half price, so at what was the best sale price when they had just launched it and the full price was 25% less than it is now. They also seemed to have quite a pile of it, and while most was sliced, I could also find unsliced ones, so I got four. Then added a couple of other things and made my way out… And somehow ended up at the other exit, despite thinking that I was just retracing my steps until I found myself looking at an exit that wasn’t the one I was expecting.
No point in bothering to go back and try to find my way to the other side though, I’d have likely had more to walk anyway, so I just went out that way and then, after getting past the park again, also found that pet shop dad kept saying he buys cheaper cat litter from. He did tell me where it is, but it’s in a spot that’s just off my usual path and pretty much off my mental map, and the building it’s in is also rather hidden, so I never saw it before, but could find it easily enough if I looked specifically for it. The bags of cat litter are also quite hidden inside it though, as there was just one of a more expensive kind that I could see after going in, but after the cashier asked whether she could help me and I told her what I wanted she pointed out the others as well, between the windows and the shelves, so visible from the outside if I’d have looked, but not from inside. Could reach in that space and grab one, but the others were too far and I said I wanted another and couldn’t reach it, and she asked a guy who was in front of the store, and didn’t even have a mask, to come in and get one, and he somehow squeezed in that space despite being probably about as large as me and her put together and set it next to the shelves… Didn’t say so though, so when he finally made his way out the other side, we were both still waiting and she asked him if he got it just when he asked her whether she gave it to me, before I figured it out and grabbed it myself. It wasn’t easy to get back with all those things though, carrying some 17 kg, but I was nevertheless back at 5:40 PM.

Thursday I kept waiting for the guy to come and pick up the phone, both because I had selected that date and because it was two days after receiving the message that it was approved, which is how long they say it should take. But there was no sign… On the other hand, the computer again gave me reasons for concern about turning the LAN chipset off and back on so often. It had seemed fine lately, without any new errors or other problems, but when I wanted to quickly connect after I got up, since dad was still asleep, I saw that the connection was still listed as enabled even though it wasn’t, trying to disable it again did nothing and obviously also didn’t have an option to enable it. The troubleshooter sorted things out, correctly stating that the network adapter was disabled and enabling it, but after I disabled it again, even though just at that moment it showed up as disabled, when I checked again a few moments later it again appeared enabled. Did mean to reboot at that time, but put it off and, just on a whim, did a quick scan first… Which resulted in Trend Micro Antivirus+ getting stuck at the end of the scanning process, fully using one CPU core constantly and occasionally all of the CPU and not seeming to actually do anything, and also not stopping the scan when I tried to do so, or even to turn it off completely. Also briefly connected then, even if dad was also connected, to see whether that fixed it, thinking that it was probably stuck because it was trying to connect to check something, but that didn’t help, yet I at least could lower the priority of that process and then reboot quite normally, even if booting back up took longer than usual and I’m not seeing the Volume Shadow Copy service starting every five minutes and stopping each time after three anymore, as it had been doing ever since I started this trial.
Still wondering what the issue with the connection is, however. It does show up as being disabled again now, but I also switched back to an automatically assigned IP address before rebooting, thinking that perhaps the fact that I had specified a fixed address, to be notified of the conflict if dad would again leave his connection active despite telling me otherwise, had something to do with it. But I had done so earlier and this just happened now, so I doubt it’s that. And I obviously also don’t know whether the Trend Micro Antivirus+ issue was caused by the lack of a connection, or perhaps even by the fact that in one place it appeared to be enabled despite being disabled, or there’s a different problem. But that trial is ending soon anyway, so I guess I don’t care that much anymore, seeing as it’s clearly not an option for a longer term, and I mean to restore from that backup again after it’s over.

I seem to have started writing these posts as I go along, did it for last week’s personal one as well, so they’re now quite certain to just be chronological, but also likely even more embarrassingly detailed than they already were. It also means I can pretty much post them whenever I care to, since I no longer need to set aside a day to actually write them then as well, and I meant to post this Thursday, but also wanted to post it after they’d have taken away the phone again, so I’ve been waiting until this evening. But it’s quite clear that they won’t be coming on a Sunday, and I’d rather avoid a Sunday update anyway if I can, so I guess I have to post it like this.
There were some more annoyances caused by dad that I meant to rant about, but I’ll just stick to briefly mentioning them. There was the bread he took out of the freezer and put in the bread drawer while the bag was still very wet, even over the paper bags I use for my bread, and then put back again before it was dry even after I took it out and told him what the problem was. There’s all the stuff used and left scattered in the kitchen, this morning being a good example… And then there’s trying to trick Liza by putting some pills he should be giving her in her food, insisting to not try to actually give them to her or let me go for it, because she “won’t understand” being forced, and saying that she took them and it’s fine even when she only ate quite a few hours after he dissolved the pill in water and mixed it in, so probably after it had pretty much evaporated, or when she started bucking like a wild horse after tasting it when he didn’t dissolve it, leaving spit everywhere, and probably also at least most of that really tiny pill.


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