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Still No Measures as the Situation Continues to Worsen Before the Local Elections

I was saying that, with indoor restaurants and theaters opening at the start of the month, at a time when a new lockdown would have in fact been appropriate, those records for confirmed daily cases and, far more importantly, daily deaths and patients in intensive care were going to be beaten soon enough. So I guess it’s a good thing that only the one for confirmed daily cases was in fact beaten so far, Wednesday, with the numbers reported Thursday and Friday also being above the previous record. And that will certainly continue to increase, even more so after schools also opened, on Monday, with reports usually stating that children seem to mostly stick to the rules, but parents do not, crowding around entrances and not even wearing masks.
Yes, whether indoor restaurants or theaters, or also schools, remain open has to do with the number of cases confirmed locally over the last 14 days, and some were closed again soon after being allowed to open, but by the time such an increase is confirmed, the situation has already worsened significantly and it’s too late to get it back under control quickly. And, of course, simply going back on some relaxation measures only serves to, at best, get the risks back to what they were before, doesn’t actually lower them, and yet our authorities keep clearly stating that they’re not even considering returning to more restrictions. Plenty of other countries are finally waking up and doing so, even returning to full lockdowns, but here in Romania they just continue to ignore what’s going on, with those getting infected and health workers paying the price. Of course, there are also many idiots openly rejecting even what measures are in place, complaining, protesting and lashing out against those who’d “dare” to ask them to respect them, plus all the business owners demanding to put money before anything else even more, but those exist everywhere and you can never expect anything good from the masses, nor from businesses, while those in positions of authority need to be held to much higher standards.
Yes, there is the matter of the local elections, and since they’re set to take place a week from now, it’s too late to delay them again, so maybe they’re just waiting to get over that hurdle as well, regardless of the consequences, and will only take measures later. And I will agree that elections are desirable and even necessary, and they have already been delayed, having been supposed to take place a few months ago, but that’s no excuse, as you can definitely have elections after imposing restrictions, being able to strictly control how people behave when they go to vote, which is supposed to happen now as well, and the large majority not needing to go far from home to vote in local elections. Of course, it would have also been a great opportunity to try to implement even electronic voting, not to mention voting by mail for everyone, which is now only available for those living abroad, and not at local elections, since at these you may only vote if you actually are where your address says you should live, which obviously also denies the right to vote for students, workers or others who moved, perhaps temporarily, and didn’t change their legal address, which was also my case back in 2004. But, again, even without doing anything else, many restrictions could and should have been once again imposed without delaying the elections, if that’s their concern.
Returning to the health crisis itself, it’s now made much worse by the fact that hospitals are running out of the medicines used to treat severe cases and the quantities supposed to arrive in the near future are insufficient, or in some cases they won’t receive new shipments at all. And Romania is already in a particularly bad situation just because of this, because the number of confirmed cases, compared to the population, is far from the highest these days, for example Spain reporting even over three times more. The deaths, however, remain the highest, even if the rapidly deteriorating situation in Spain means that our numbers are now “only” some 20% above theirs, while at the time of that previous post of mine our death rate, compared to the population, was twice theirs. And those numbers are no surprise, of course, considering the state of our health system even before being tested in such a manner, so an increased number of cases will certainly make it crumble even more, which obviously causes much more suffering and death for other reasons as well, especially when the overall health of the population was rather poor to begin with.
Don’t see how I could be wrong when saying this, but maybe I will be, somehow. If so, if things won’t end up as bad as it seems they will, it’ll certainly only be thanks to all the regular people who understand the seriousness of the situation and take care, not only respecting all the rules but possibly even going above and beyond, and the health workers and volunteers struggling to help, care for and save as many as possible, sacrificing all other aspects of their lives, their families and possibly their own health and even life for this. Maybe the authorities will also wake up someday and impose more restrictions, along with measures to improve the health system and to make people’s lives much less difficult while under the effects of such restrictions, but while they seemed willing to do what was necessary back in spring, I have next to no faith that they’ll do it again now, so if they will do anything at all, it’s quite certain to be far too little, far too late, and probably cause more preventable harm in other ways as well.


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