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Quick Review: Additional Modules First Included in Neverwinter Nights: Gold

It’s sort of cheating to consider these another finished game, but I have little chance to add to this year’s number otherwise. Also, some 13 years after starting the original campaign and more than four after finishing Hordes of the Underdark, playing through these means I can now finally say that I finished Neverwinter Nights: Platinum, not counting that multiplayer module, and really am just that incomplete Witch’s Wake away from finally, finally finishing Neverwinter Nights: Diamond. So I’m adding this here for those three scenarios, even if there’s not much to them other than insane difficulty if you’d use characters of the recommended levels. I used my level 33 sorcerer with insane gear that went through all three main campaigns, however.
That said, The Dark Ranger’s Treasure basically consists of two big battles in one area, one when you go, with a couple of enemy types, and one when you return, with a single enemy type, and a lot of heavy loot to grab in between. Frustratingly, once you make your way back, you can’t go back out, whether to grab more loot or clear any remaining enemies. The Winds of Eremor, on the other hand, starts with the loot, a new character possibly finding some useful items before the fighting, but then it just consists of two areas and an endless swarm of a single enemy type, with just a couple of exceptions in the Crypt, the numbers and the respawn rate at times making even my overpowered character simply unable to push through without powerful spells. If for some reason you want to, you can keep playing endlessly, continuing to fight those swarms after completing the quest. As for To Heir Is Human, it shows that it was created by a different person, having a few different enemy types, a few areas, a little additional quest, a merchant that also sells things, and hinting at a bigger story that was to follow. The difficulty remains insane for the recommended levels, and at the end even my character risked getting in trouble, admittedly after I carelessly rushed in.


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