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Immediate Disaster Averted, Continuing on the Path to Disaster Ensured

Now that there’s a clear result and the margin of Biden’s victory is even greater than it seemed before, I just want to say that this isn’t good news. It’s by far less bad news for the world than a continued Trump presidency and Republican leadership in general would have been, definitely, but if that would have been akin to humanity diving off the cliff, this is like one of those cartoon scenes where the character runs off the cliff and slows, realizing that something’s wrong, but is yet to look down and fall. Both major parties represent the same system and will maintain it as long as they can, and Biden is a particularly notable representative of it, his selection once again proving, not that any more evidence was needed, that there’s no hope that the Democratic party will bring about the necessary changes in the United States. In short, Trump reelected would have meant that nothing but ashes would have remained, while Biden means things will just keep getting worse, but gradually and in different ways, so an ever smaller number of people may still make it for a while, at the expense of everyone else, other species and the world as a whole, and of any chances to change direction, reset and rebuild.

On that note, The Political Compass makes good points, and even just a glance at the charts shows how little difference exists between the two, what little variety was in the available choices in general, including all candidates that tried their luck in the primaries, and how the few supposed Democratic leftists are in fact centrists. So no, Sanders and the others wouldn’t have been, and aren’t, a solution either, and a glance at their proposals should provide ample evidence of that, though the party allowing one of them to be chosen as the candidate and then having that candidate win the election would have perhaps sent a message and offered a tiny sliver of hope. But when Sanders and those others don’t even push their own party to demand and push through an overhaul of that rotten mess of an electoral system they have over there, it’s again clear that they’re in no way the right people for the job, the changes the United States and the world need being far greater, far more fundamental, and far more shocking from the point of view of the large majority than that.

Of course, this is far from over, and it remains to be seen what desperate, rotten tactics Trump will resort to in order to try to hold on to his seat, but I expect the matter to be sorted out, even if things may get even uglier for a while. So I’m leaving this here to say that I have no expectations of any good coming out of it once it will get sorted out. There’s no hope of the right sort of leadership coming from either of the major parties, or from any relevant party anywhere for that matter; they’ll never set the right direction, never try to push the necessary changes through. And at the same time there’s obviously no hope that humans in general, the masses, the majority, or even any significant minority, will do so either. A small number of individuals and perhaps small groups that tend to be seen as extremist when it comes to environmental and social issues even by those that most now label as extremists might, but their chances are slim to none, especially when many of them aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. But that’s no reason to stop fighting, of course. In fact, it’s the only thing we can do.


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