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Rushed Little Update Between Very Long Daily Walks

With Carrefour’s “Payment with PET” campaign being in Bucharest again between November 18 and 24, I knew I was going to be walking a lot, but I thought I had some 80 to 100 bottles, so I could skip the weekend, since you can get the rewards for up to 20 per day. However, I underestimated what was left here and my mother sent more than a day’s worth which she had gathered as well, and the distance also increased by a good 50%, since they moved the location from Orhideea to Baneasa. And since I’m not using public transportation under the current circumstances, that means a daily walk I so far didn’t think myself capable of. But I realized that I walked similar distances in a day before, and at least once did so after a 16 km run and on very little sleep as well, so I’ve been making that walk for the past three days and, assuming I’ll still manage it, I’ll continue to do so until Tuesday, though at the moment the plan is to go with dad Monday, so we’ll each take 20 bottles and he’ll drive us there and drop me off a good part of the way back, since he’ll then go to my mother again.
Yes, with the infection rate being what it is, being out so often and so much is definitely unwise, but at the same time, I’m outside the large majority of that time. More importantly, on top of getting nice rewards for doing a little “green” thing, a vegetable or fruit produced in Romania for each bottle dropped off, it’s something that seems major that I just found the motivation to do, possibly for the first time this year, seeing as the half marathon, the marathon and any tree planting events with volunteers that I knew of were canceled, and the only protests were a few minor events that seemed risky, and some of them also possibly going against the regulations, so I had nothing of this sort to strive to do so far. Now it remains to be seen whether I’ll make it to the end of this period and also manage to avoid getting infected or ending up with some other significant problem as a result, my back giving me serious reasons for concern already, but at the moment I definitely mean to try.
One thing this means, however, is that I definitely won’t be reading Oathbringer this year, as I won’t have time for anything else in that case and so far I only read nine books this year, so if I want to get to the usual 12 I’ll need to add something short to Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning. Don’t know what that may be at the moment, but if I’ll manage to read 12 books in a year during which I purchased none, it’d be an achievement in itself. And another would be being able to claim to have finished five games, albeit only by considering those additional modules first included in Neverwinter Nights: Gold as one short one, because Sunday I started Witch’s Wake and if I will finish it by the end of the year, it’ll mean finishing all of Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker, which definitely counts as a game. It’d also mean finally, finally finishing Neverwinter Nights: Diamond, after a good 13 years.


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