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Charlotte Leaves Delain… Actually, Everyone Does

Charlotte announcing that she’s leaving Delain sure came as quite a shock, and the fact that everyone else is also leaving, Delain returning to just being Martijn‘s project, makes the reasons and the culprit very clear… And also makes it quite clear that, even if it may continue to exist in some form, Delain will likely become irrelevant, while I have no doubt that Charlotte will keep doing what she does, and being who she is, either on her own or as part of whatever other projects she’ll start or join, which may well end up being even better. I mean, the band’s sound made me largely lose interest in Delain after their early releases, the only thing that I still cared about being their message, and Charlotte wasn’t just the band’s voice and image, but also the lyricist, and I’d say even more than that, the one deciding and delivering the message of a band with things to say, a band known for supporting causes and tackling important issues.
That makes me wonder how much those causes and Charlotte’s stance on various issues had to do with this, and if that was Martijn’s problem and what he insisted on changing, there are worse things to accuse him of than simply pushing away bandmates. But I guess it doesn’t matter that much at this point, what interests me more being just how Charlotte will continue to use music to speak her mind and take a stance, meaning that, at least at first, I’ll probably be more interested in her future projects than I’ve been in Delain in a long time. That also brings a significant risk of disappointment, since she always struck me as a genuine, and genuinely nice, person. I’d even dare to say that she struck me as a good person, inasmuch as I could determine something like that from the occasional interview I happened to stumble upon and the lyrics that really seemed to express her views. So I’ll have pretty high expectations from this point of view from any solo releases or any projects she’ll clearly lead from now on.
Or, of course, I may just forget about it and only happen to listen to anything quite a long time after release, when I’ll more or less randomly happen to stumble upon it, as it’s been happening with Delain releases for quite a while. After all, I’ve only ever actively followed a few bands and artists, and after the situation with my Internet access changed the way it did at the start of 2020, this was one thing I almost completely did away with and I doubt that will change, and even more so that any change will mean starting to actively follow someone I might have been interested in but didn’t actually follow at all even before. But, even so, I’m sure I will learn of anything new coming from her sooner rather than later, at which point I’ll judge… And hope I won’t be too disappointed, I guess…


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