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Finished Venetica, Received and Started Bound by Flame… Leaving Runs for Another Post

Sunday night I had another late lunch, finishing just a little before going to the kitchen at 1 AM, and then after taking time to read a newspaper there again, started eating dinner at 3 AM. And then I sent a comment about an article about the German Greens on The Guardian, since the article didn’t accept regular comments. It wasn’t published and I guess I could have gotten away with just posting it here as the second post of the week, leaving all of this for next week, but I decided against that and will post this instead, covering the period between Sunday night and Wednesday, plus Friday, but skipping Thursday and yesterday, when I ran, since next week’s forecast made me decide to do that series of three runs, 16, ten and again 16 kilometers in five days, in spite of everything and the fact that I’m clearly not ready for it.
Back to Sunday night, after sending that comment I asked for Bound by Flame from The Community Giveaway on the GOG.com forums, and after waking up I redeemed it, actually installing and starting it right away. Dad came back while I was downloading and I didn’t hear though, and while he might have told the truth when he said he had just turned the power strip on, the computer being off when I went there to look, he did do that, so both of us showed up as connected for a bit. Either way, with what’s mostly the mix of medium and low settings it chose at first, the game runs very smoothly, so I’m now trying to increase a few and see what the limit is. One problem is that it gets my CPU even to 65°C or so, also preventing its speed from dropping when the integrated GPU needs more power, so if I was looking oddly at Venetica doing that and getting it to 60°C or so, this is a fair bit worse. And I can’t seem to take screenshots, the game itself not seeming to have a way to do so and trying to get any otherwise resulting in a screenshot of what’s “behind” it, as in the desktop or some other program, if any’s running and not minimized. It can run windowed, and I can take screenshots that way, but it’d have to be at a lower resolution, since the window borders cause a bit of the actual image to get cut off at the full one… So I’ll think about it, since it just has a few Windows ones added on MobyGames. Hope I won’t think for too long though, because if I get through the early parts and don’t keep all the saves, there will be things I won’t quite be able to take screenshots of anymore, especially if I’m to avoid spoilers.

Before moving on from Monday, I’ll also mention that I cleaned my room a little that evening, and also changed the sheets and the blanket that’s under them and flipped the mattress over. And that mole I was worried about looked better when I showered, and the area seems to have pretty much fully recovered by now, so it was likely just a case of my usual skin issues acting up. On the other hand, Tuesday evening I got really down when dad was getting ready to leave and I got up to go to the kitchen, so I told him I’m quite done with being cautious and, since he had a check-up that day and was told his lungs were improving amazingly well, I was going to start getting back to a more normal behavior… However, while that evening, after he left, I left the kitchen window open and got back to my room for two hours, then closed it when I went there, and I have been to the kitchen without a mask late at night, before going to bed, a few times since then, after having the window open for hours and the mask on while making my food, I’m still too wary to be without a mask when he is or has been around without the place being aired very well since then, or to actually get back to eating there, or to risk eating things he might have eaten from or even simply kept around, or to be a bit less thorough in how well I clean everything I use. Was thinking to try to start dropping these precautions next week, after the third run in this series, but Friday he said my mother has a cold, and he went there to drop off some medicines, so I have another reason to be wary, even if it would be true that it’s just a cold… Not that I have any reason to believe him when he says that, but hope it’s true for the sake of my mother and, even more so, grandmother.

Getting back to the chronological order, Wednesday dad went to Kaufland to get himself some things and I had told him that cat food was going to be 30% off on Friday, gave him the catalog, reminded him it’ll be Friday when, Tuesday evening, he said he remembered me saying that something, he didn’t remember what, was going to be on sale as of Wednesday… And he bought two packs of those treats for Liza and two cans for Micky anyway, and had actually written them down on his list, of course saying he forgot and, since he actually wrote those things on the list, I must not have told him properly. At least he didn’t get even more, but how else, exactly, was I supposed to tell him?!
Either way, it was also Wednesday when I finished Venetica! This is another game I asked for and received from The Community Giveaway on the GOG.com forums, in October of 2019, and then actually started a little later that month, playing until late November and then only continuing this January, after finishing Syberia II, sticking to it since then, in parallel with Lords of Xulima until the end of March, when I decided to focus on it in order to finish it. Also submitted 27 more screenshots for it on MobyGames, since there were only 23 and all of them from the early part of the game, and the notes I took while playing have 871 words, so I’ll be writing a review, but let’s see when I’ll manage it.
To finish with Wednesday, sat on the toilet without a mask that evening, since I also wanted to shave after that, and while shaving I spotted another very visible fully white hair, which I plucked and kept. Then, though I did also have lunch, albeit earlier, I meant to start eating dinner a bit earlier than I’ve been starting lately, so I went to the kitchen and washed and cleaned after dad’s cooking during the evening… Yet it was still 3:10 AM when I actually started eating. But I checked the logs then and saw that Defrag had finished just before 3 AM, so I wouldn’t have wanted to get on the computer if I’d have gotten here while it was running. Either way, after submitting those screenshots for Venetica and taking care of everything on-line, it was past 5:05 AM when I finished eating, and 5:25 AM when I got in bed.

As for Friday, that Kaufland discount meant that I again left without sleeping in the morning, at 6:20 AM, and it again rained. Not at first, but a few drops appeared after a few minutes and by the time I got there, a bit before 6:50 AM, it was drizzling… And went through that trouble for nothing, because the kind I know they don’t stock much of and therefore run out of in the morning whenever it has a significant discount wasn’t available at all. I mean, I know that they don’t have the 1.5 kg bags at all, but they normally do have the 800 g ones, yet now only the 200 g ones were available, the price of those negating the discount. I even asked the employee who was stocking that area, but she told me to look for myself, which I had obviously already done. So I just grabbed the other kinds, which would have almost certainly remained available later as well, wandered around for a bit, looked again, also checked the boxes stacked there, still seeing none of that kind, and eventually went to the self-checkout and was out at 7:20 AM, also having a quick look in that Carrefour after that but not getting anything.
I didn’t want to give up that easily, however, so even though a proper light rain had started and the fact that the kind in question hadn’t been available at all was a bad sign, I then I went to the Kaufland from Obor, getting there a bit after 8 AM… And still not finding any, and not getting anything else either, except a pretzel from that place that’s also there, as they were just making the first ones of the day when I exited Kaufland. Meant to eat it when I got outside, even pulled my mask away, but decided against it at the last moment, went back in to use those scales that are next to the area where you can place your purchases in your bags to get a label and close the paper bag the pretzel was in, and was finally walking away around 8:35 AM… Only to realize as I almost left the parking lot that I was using the old route, so I then turned around and used what should be the shorter one, though I’m not sure it was still shorter from that spot, to also go to that Carrefour, getting a few expiring things.
There was the option to go to a third Kaufland, using a route I had prepared but still hadn’t used, but there seemed to be no point in it and I was sleepy and had to run again the next day, so I decided against it and wandered around that farmers’ market for a while instead, getting some cheap apples and a bundle of green onions. Had seen better ones at that price, and one place, outside, that had some at half that price without them looking too bad, but for some reason decided to get them from that guy and even respected his “don’t touch” sign, so I asked him to give me one and he picked one that actually looked worse than others, quite obviously selecting it specifically, since he seemed to mean to pick another, then stopped, had a good look at the pile and picked that one.
Though it was still raining and I was still sleepy and still had to run the next day, I had also been considering getting some peanut butter for a while, to try a vegan source of protein, and one I had seen on Mega Image’s site seemed unlikely to be available in most of their regular stores, but would quite certainly be available in that large one from that area, which also has that “Equilibrium” section, so I went there after that, finding that I had pretty much just enough in smaller bills and coins to get it without needing to break another 50 RON bill, only being left with a few coins after doing so. It was cheaper elsewhere, but it meant either a significantly larger order in order to avoid a shipping fee, waiting for it to be available again in a store or, as I only realized after getting back and did another search, going to a place I had never been to… This latter option would have likely been the better one, and it’d have meant saving just about 3 RON, or 22%, but on top of not being aware of it at the time, going there would have taken me close to that third Kaufland location, so I doubt I’d have done it that day even if I would have known. Either way, the cashier was the same one who mentioned she’d have wanted change in the morning instead of before closing before, and I was apparently her first customer, as she had just opened, so she wanted to say she was happy for the small bills.
Really had to pee at that point, after having in fact started to consider going to the toilet ever since getting to that second Kaufland, but decided to just keep going and was in the building at 10:40 AM, just barely holding it in long enough. Then I showered and was in bed for over five hours in the afternoon, but only slept for perhaps three, also needing to get up to pee a few times, as it tends to happen when I’m so exhausted, and I had also held it in for so long, which obviously didn’t help my bladder. Either way, spent almost two and a half more hours in bed in the evening, but only added about one more hour or so of actual sleep, then had an apple and yogurt and cereals before 2 AM, but then ended up starting to actually eat dinner at 3:30 AM.
Dug into that peanut butter then, wary because of my only previous experience with it, when dad bought some when I was little and I disliked the taste so much it left a lasting impression, but it was fine this time around. Of course, things taste differently when you’re a child, and my tastes also changed and I easily put up with plenty of things I might dislike if I cared more about taste, or food in general, and I’m quite sure that what dad bought back then was of poor quality too, but at least it means I can eat this without issues now, at least before runs. I am a bit wary of the fact that the layer at the top definitely tasted sweet even though it says it’s made of 100% peanuts, also specifying that there’s no added sugar or salt, but I doubt I can do better without looking at things that are way more expensive… And, considering the price per unit of weight, this is the most expensive thing I bought to put on bread at dinner in a long time, if not ever, as it is.

Before finishing this, I’ll add that Friday there were no visits recorded in either view again, but also that I did experiment with Bound by Flame’s video settings since writing the first part of this post. A quick test shows that I can set most, if not all, parameters at least a level higher and it’ll still run quite well, at least if I reduce the resolution to 1152×864, which I need to do if I’m to try to take screenshots, but what I was actually trying to see was whether I’ll be able to take screenshots, so running it in a window and at that resolution, on maximum settings… And I learned I can’t, and that it’s a good thing I tested while running it in a window and could close it normally. Once it also crashed when I changed the anisotropy setting, but the problem is that there is some setting that makes it fail to display anything in the actual game, so the menu and loading screen will display, but after that, once I got a black screen with just the text letting me know I could interact with my companion when I was facing her, so the game was actually running, just not displaying anything, a few more times the loading screen continued to be displayed, flickering, and the last time my screen went black for a moment and I got an entry in event logs stating that the display driver stopped responding and then recovered, the game window remained black and seemed to hang, I forced the process to close, and then was left with a white bit in the lower-left corner of the screen and werfault.exe running and nothing happening if I tried to force it to close. Rebooted in order to get rid of those issues and haven’t tried to mess with the settings again since then, so I can just say that it has to do either with setting either shadows or ambient occlusion to ultra or anisotropy above x2 (low), or perhaps with a combination of these, but doubt I’ll dare to test the limits of those settings again too soon…


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