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Just Buying Things and a Bad Return of the Vivaldi Download Issue

Since there was a good sale on a kind of cat food at Mega Image, before leaving to get the vaccine I looked for locations I’ll be able to check on my way back, but found one that was near the clinic, albeit in the other direction, and decided to go there first. So I did that, quickly glancing at a confectionery and a pastry place on the way and eventually spotting it after turning away pretty much from the door, thinking that it was the building on the other side of that road, crossing, realizing it wasn’t and seeing it when I turned around. And after crossing back and going in, I realized it was a particularly large Mega Image as well, which also included a full “Equilibrium” area, so after looking around for a while I grabbed those mustard seeds that are only available in the few locations where that’s the case.
I was there for cat food, however, so I grabbed that as well, but the problem was that the price listed on the shelf was still the full one, so after looking around for a scanner and not finding any, I eventually asked an employee and she directed me to another one, at the self-checkouts. So I went there, but said other employee was pulled in multiple directions at once, having a couple of other employees as well as another customer asking for her help while she also seemed to be the one selling cigarettes, and having to stop anything else she was doing whenever a customer came to her for that. But, after waiting for a bit, I managed to get myself to catch her attention as well and ask about that price, saying that their catalog lists that food as discounted… And finding myself rather at a loss when she said she thought that discount had been in the previous catalog, so ending two days before instead of starting the previous day. But she did start checking the current catalog for me, the problem being that she kept being pulled in every direction and after a couple of attempts still couldn’t even get to the page where pet food would be, so I eventually spotted the place where other catalogs were and picked one up as well, and when she noticed that she got back to me, apologized, started looking again and I spotted it as she was flipping pages, pointing it out to her. So she asked for the store card, and I had dad’s just for this purpose and gave it to her, but hurried to add that I had no card to pay with when I saw that she was scanning the cat food at one of their self-checkouts, which don’t take cash. But she said she was just checking and confirmed that the price was the discounted one, making me wonder why hadn’t she done that from the beginning.
Either way, after another quick look at some expiring products, I went to the checkouts, first picking a line to stand it but then noticing that the one next to it had no line, only an old couple, and they were just paying. So I glanced at the light, and when I didn’t see an indication that the checkout in question was closing, I moved there, not realizing that anything was unusual, and in fact being relieved, when the cashier didn’t say anything at first, and then tapped a bag and looked questioningly at me instead of asking whether I wanted one. I only realized that she was mute when I gave her the money and she showed me a bill and a finger, making some sort of sound to get my attention, meaning to ask whether I had one 1 RON bill, to make it easier for her to give me my change. But I didn’t, so she gave me the change she had to give me and I could be on my way. Wondered whether there had been a sign to indicate that she was disabled and that was the reason for the lack of a line, but I didn’t see one and, if anything, was relieved by the lack of any unnecessary communication.
From there I went to Kaufland, quickly glancing at a couple of other places on the way and then peeing before going in. Then I had a quick glance at fruits and vegetables, including the many spoiling ones that a few employees were struggling to rearrange while asking each other how to make room since they had even more, and moved on to yogurts, seeing that one of the kinds my mother had asked for was already discounted and wanting to check to make sure that the day’s discount, 30% for all yogurts, applied to it as well, since the announcement I heard seconds after going in stated that it did not apply to products already discounted, though they always say that and it always seems to apply to everything. So I left everything else for later and just bought that pack, confirming that the full discount did indeed apply and adding it in the cabinet I had placed the other things in.
Since I also wanted to get some pastries, before going back in I made another detour to the bathroom, to wash my hands. Then I got what I thought was everything else, including a lettuce that was cheaper than announced and lemons that were also on an unannounced discount. In case of the lemons, the large majority were that kind with a very thick peel, but I dug through the boxes and found a handful that weren’t like that, and as I did so first an older woman and then a younger one stood around to grab any I was uncovering and not taking, since they were looking for the same kind I was. Also dug through a bag of onions to find a few that were better, making several smaller tears and reaching in after failing to pour them out of it, and an older woman was waiting after me there as well.
When I got to the self-checkout again, a couple with a kid seemed to just block one of the machines that accept cash, the kid just putting in coins that the machine spat right back out while the two of them seemed to discuss what else to buy, and one 0.50 RON coin fell and rolled under a machine on the other side while I was waiting for someone else to finish, since they quite clearly weren’t going anywhere… And instead of “taxing” them for their behavior, not to mention for breeding, I found myself retrieving it for them. But at least there were no issues once I did get to use a machine, and then I bought myself a cake from that confectionery… While another child was crying and screaming his lungs out, making everyone struggle to hear and be heard. Oh, and earlier, as I was going to look at the pastries, there was another couple, with two children riding in the cart, talking in English, and things got loud and annoying after one of them asked for a cake and the woman told her it wasn’t good, which made the girl first plead for a little while and then start shouting “I want, I want, I want” repeatedly, which resulted in the other kid doing the same.
So it was a bit of a relief when I walked out of there… But all the stuff I had to carry and the fact that I just had bags, not my backpack as well, was an issue. And yet I first made another detour, returning to a pastry place I had seen on the way there, to get a pretzel as well… And realized on the way back that I had forgotten one thing dad had asked me to get. But I was going to pass through Kaufland’s parking lot anyway, so I stuffed my things in two cabinets and ran back in for that last item, wondering what the guard and employee at the self-checkouts thought if they realized I was there the third time. But at least nobody said anything and I had finally gotten everything, so I then peed one more time and was finally on my way back.
Had considered having a look in the Carrefour from the park on the way back, but by that point I had no intention of doing so anymore. Still thought of passing through the farmers’ market, however, to see if some of those selling apples were still there, which does happen even if it’s supposed to close at 6 PM and it was going to be almost 7 PM by the time I’ll get there. But I decided against that as well and just came straight back, getting here at 7:10 PM, having carried 18 kg, including clothes and the things in my pockets, after getting the vaccine and without the benefit of a backpack.
A stupid thing I did after getting back was that I wanted to microwave that cake a little, and for some reason placed it directly in the microwave, as in not on a plate, just leaving it on that bit of cardboard it comes on. I was watching it, but for a few seconds washed something, and when I looked again it had fallen apart and was spilling, so I turned the microwave off and just grabbed it, placing it on a plate, but some of it was already on the microwave’s glass plate, which is quite dirty. I still tried to take a bit of what had spilled as well, but then washed away the rest. At least the fact that it was melted like that actually made the cake better, but it’s a pity I lost a bit of it. Either way, I then had a late lunch, finishing after midnight, admittedly taking a long time since while eating I played and won another Fantasy General scenario, the first on the second continent, and then wrote the notes about this day. Started dinner around 3:20 AM, and got in bed at 5:25 AM.

Saturday night, after a late lunch, going to the kitchen 15 minutes later than usual and having more to do there as well, I started eating dinner at 3:30 AM even though dad worked that night, and got in bed at 5:20 AM. As for Sunday night, after having lunch earlier in the evening and struggling to wash everything except one burned pot and one lid out of the piles of things left again by dad after he cooked, I started eating dinner at 3:20 AM, actually eating a fair bit in the kitchen before moving to my room.
As for how I felt, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are already covered in the previous posts, so I’ll just add here that on Monday there was still some pain in my shoulder, a little occasional muscle pain in other places as well, and my legs also felt rather heavy, but Tuesday I could finally say that the vaccine’s side effects, or at least the obvious ones, had passed. And yesterday I also reported the side effects on-line.

Back to Monday, the forecast listed it as the week’s one good running day, but since I was still experiencing some of those side effects and my running gear was still in the laundry basket, I checked the time when I woke up, saw 11:08 AM, decided to get up and just went to buy some things instead, leaving just after 1 PM. Made a small detour to have a look in a Mega Image, then went to Kaufland, getting bread for myself and for dad, bread being 33% off that day and the next, also something else for dad that was among what was 30% off that day, and a few more things. The self-checkout again asked me to scan the product before placing it on the scales after I had selected and placed my bread, but I called the employee over and she logged on to override that error, then left me to continue and there were no other issues. Then I checked that Carrefour as well and grabbed a few products that were discounted as if they were expiring soon, though that was in fact only the case for one of them, plus some more garlic, and was back just before 4 PM, carrying some 13 kg, the fact that I also had the backpack ensuring that it wasn’t an issue.

Skipping to yesterday, I experienced that issue with downloading larger files with Vivaldi again, and it was particularly bad because I tried to let it get through it on its own and it didn’t. The downloads got to 100%, but didn’t show up as completed, the partial files weren’t replaced with the proper ones, and it just kept creating new processes for a long time, quickly filling the RAM and eventually the virtual memory as well. The logs listed a message that the virtual memory had to be increased, though I wasn’t in my room at the time and didn’t see whether it actually showed up, just seeing when I got back to check on it that Vivaldi had closed and my computer was responsive again. The logs listed other errors as well, however, including Emsisoft Anti-Malware having stopped and restarted, so I switched the paging file to custom and reduced its size, rebooted and tried again, experiencing the same behavior but watching it and eventually finding a way to force Vivaldi to close after I realized it wasn’t going to recover. Then I switched the paging file back to system managed, rebooted again, tried yet again and the issue only reappeared towards the end of the download, when I finally selected the location, since I thought that might have something to do with it, so the download finally completed before the memory filled up and it finally recovered on its own.
By the time I rebooted the first time, the system uptime was 46 days and a little over one hour, which is barely over half the record, from 2017, but possibly the second longest amount of time I went between reboots. Either way, I’m obviously worried about any potential consequences and was glad that I had just backed up a couple of days earlier, after not doing so since March, but at least everything seems fine at the moment and checking the system partition and the one I was downloading to revealed no issues. And the reboots seemed to have fixed the window resolution problem for Bound by Flame… Only for it to reappear now, and I still don’t know why. But, if I’m to play anything at all over this next period, during the Euro, I’m likely to focus on Fantasy General and may even set Bound by Flame aside completely anyway, plus that playing it in a window and having it remain at the proper size is relevant for taking screenshots, which I can’t do otherwise, and the idea was to select the highest possible settings while doing so, the limit again being memory, and at the moment I really don’t care to risk ending up with similar problems because of that.

Either way, to return to yesterday, I had lunch in the evening and started eating dinner at 3:20 AM, though I could have started earlier, likely even before 3 AM, in the kitchen, while saving another thing dad left to spoil, but I decided to still prepare everything and take it all to my room again, even if it took a fair bit longer. However, Tuesday night, again after having lunch in the evening, I did start eating dinner in the kitchen, albeit also at 3:20 AM, before moving to continue in my room. Also made the tea for the next day that night, since I correctly assumed I was going to be woken up, in which case the plan was to run in the morning, the forecast listing a risk of storms later, and the gas was supposed to be off between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM.

I did run early on Wednesday, the time being as embarrassing as I feared, but I’d rather post this now, so I’ll leave that for another post, just like I’ll once again leave last week’s half marathon run as well. In fact, this is the main reason why I’m also leaving this week’s run out of this post, because I’d have probably managed to add it here by midnight, but adding this one and still skipping last week’s, which I have much more to write about, seems wrong. At least it’s a good thing I still have a couple of “slots” left for personal posts and can do this, though I really shouldn’t waste them in this manner, since from now on the Euro will make it even harder to write, and to write non-personal things in particular. But maybe, depending on exactly when and for how long dad will be away or otherwise not connected between or before matches and when I’ll wake up, I’ll somehow manage to at least add a few more “New Finds” posts… Or that Venetica review, eventually, adding to it bit by bit. But that seems quite unlikely.


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