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New Finds – XLIII

This is probably awfully inappropriate, but the current situation made me think of looking for some bands from Ukraine, and more specifically from Kyiv and Kharkiv, and adding another post in this series with them. Even picking the bands was rushed, having to do with what I happened to click on and what I didn’t dismiss at a glance that didn’t allow for consistent criteria to be used, but at least they are actual new finds… And I can only hope that their members will make it through this, along with the rest of the Ukrainians and the country as a whole… And with all of us in this part of the world, and not only.

I’ll go in alphabetical order and start with Delusion, who are from Kharkiv and just have two singles released, Neon Paradise and I Am Still Alive. Didn’t feel the need for other options though, these being more than enough to tell me that they have plenty of potential and deserve to be in such a post… And this would be the part where I’d say that I hope to hear more from them in the future, but in this particular situation that takes an entirely different meaning.

Next is Dominatos, from Kyiv, and they have male vocals, which makes them unusual among what I include in such posts, but those are good, powerful vocals and the sound is quite nice on plenty of the songs. It also strikes me as coming from a past age of rock and metal, but there may be times when that actually may be refreshing at the present time. Either way, for the first pick I’ll just go with their most recent release, Perfect World, while for the second, out of their older songs, let’s say Will You?.

And the third band is Scarleth, also from Kyiv but having apparently relocated there from Donetsk at some point, which in itself is saying something. They’re the most established of the three and have by far the most material released, but I have this feeling that I heard of them before and eventually dismissed them… And maybe I’d have done that now as well, but these were actually the only three bands I picked on that rushed first pass and Pain Is My Name, for which they just recently released a video, is something that would have caught my attention anyway. However, since I only listened to the three other songs that they have videos or lyric videos for, the fact that I’ll go with Voices as the second pick only means that it bothers me less than the others, having a nice enough sound overall, with the exception of those growls.


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