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My Video Card and Dad’s Computer…

The second order was delivered yesterday around noon, so I finally had a better video card and could also finish building dad’s new computer. Something I only figured out after writing the previous post about this was that he might not have needed a new computer after all, but I’ll get to that later.
As expected, having to interact with the delivery guy was quite scary yet again. It’s a person I don’t know, so I’m extremely uncomfortable. But it went well enough, the only issue being that the bag was stapled at the top and I didn’t notice that when he handed it to me, so I pricked a finger in one of the staples. Actually, I’m quite unhappy with the fact that they always put the items in a plastic bag. Since computer parts come nicely boxed anyway, putting them in a plastic bag as well is just waste!

The video card I got is an EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1 Gb, as I said I might. If I’d rank video card manufacturers according to how much I trust them, EVGA would be the sixth or seventh, which isn’t too encouraging, but I didn’t really have any other options. It seems that I got the last one anyway, because the shop I ordered it from had it listed as “available upon on-line order” and then changed its status to “unavailable” as soon as they called me to say they ordered everything. Actually, it’s likely the last one the importer had, because other shops changed its status to “unavailable” that evening too.
I was quite impressed by its size, being the first dual-slot card I ever had. The volume is likely at least five times that of my old card, so I had to rearrange some cables to make everything fit well again. Otherwise, I noticed that its cooler is really noisy when it’s running at maximum speed, which it did until I installed the drivers. It’s still noticeable even at low speed…
I’m yet to put it through a serious performance test, but I’m sure it’s more than enough for any needs I might have in the near future. A very good thing is that it seems to use less power than I thought, at least if I understand the data from my UPS properly. With my old card and the CPU at 100%, it said the load was 17-18% on the desktop and 18-19% in games. Now it says 18-19% on the desktop and 22-23% in games. I expected more than 30% under full load…
Something seems to have changed since I installed it though. My HDD seems significantly louder and my case fans somewhat quieter. I keep thinking that I didn’t plug something back in quite right, possibly the front fan. The only problem with that theory is that I never had anything to do with the front fan when I installed the video card… I should probably open it again and check, but right now I really don’t feel like it…

Moving on to dad’s computer, I have to say something about the old one before writing about the new. I took it apart, looking for any visible signs of anything being burned, but all I found was a whole lot of dust. I even found dust in between the CPU cooler and the CPU, which made me think that was the reason why it decided to burn out now, after the cooler problem had been at least relatively fixed. But then I even found dust under the CPU, when I pulled it out of its socket. So I carefully cleaned that up, put it back together, tried to turn it on and saw that it worked! The dust might have been the cause of the problem, not a burned out CPU! Still, dad could certainly use a faster computer, even though it seems he didn’t really need it right now…
As for his new computer, the configuration is as follows:
Motherboard: ASRock P45DE
Processor: Intel Pentium E5200, 2.5 GHz
RAM: A-DATA 2 Gb DDR2, 800 MHz, “Gaming Series” (Link is quite generic, I can’t find a more specific one.)
Video card: Leadtek WinFast PX8400 GS TDH Extreme 256 Mb (My old one…)
HDD: Seagate 7200.10 250 Gb SATA-II, 16 Mb cache
Power supply: Rasurbo DLP-435
Case: Foxconn TLA570A
The RAM might seem like overkill, but the price differences are so small that it just wasn’t worth getting anything cheaper than that.
Overall, I think I did well enough, considering everything. He still needs several programs installed, but I’ll get to those when he’ll ask me to… Building it, installing the basics and copying everything from his old one to this one was quite enough for now.

I just have one more thing to say, thinking of my previous personal post: I found out what the most common Finnish curse word is…


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