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The Missed Rapture, God’s Trial and a Hacking Attempt?

This week’s second post was supposed to be a non-personal one, and actually have one in mind, but I couldn’t get myself to write it yesterday and today I’m alone, so really don’t feel like putting in the three or so hours it’d take me to write it. Let’s hope I’ll manage to write it early next week. Until then, you get another quick personal update, and this time I really mean to make it a quick one.

As the whole world probably knows, the Rapture was once again prophesied, this time for May 21, 2011. Large sums of money were donated and spent in order to announce the event through advertisements put up all over the world. It was supposed to also include a worldwide catastrophic earthquake that would be the beginning of the end, all those who were not saved yesterday eventually being doomed to die five months later. But the day came and went and the number of floating naked fundamentalist Christians, as well as the number of worldwide catastrophic earthquakes, stayed firmly at zero. Although everyone with the slightest trace of cerebral activity knew that would happen, quite a few people were baffled.
It did give me one more reason to plan my next serious post, however, as it has to do with religion. It doesn’t have anything to do with this particular pile of bullshit, in fact being something I meant to write after the topic came up once again on Remus Cernea‘s page on Facebook earlier this week, but it was rather interesting to connect the two. Let’s see if I’ll manage without letting too many days pass…

Moving on to Forsaken World, I finally got the last God’s Trial achievement on Wednesday for Kalee and Thursday for Calad, but still did it with both characters on Friday as well to get them to over 2500 mentor points, so halfway to the second mentor title. As a result, yesterday was the first day without being in any instance, and today the second. I really don’t plan to do another, no matter how much I’m losing because of this. Not that I’m doing much of anything else either, but I’ve been playing this game for some three months now, if you include the short fourth phase of the closed beta as well, and that in itself is quite unbelievable for me, seeing as it’s an MMO game. I probably won’t be playing it at all for that much longer, but I’ve been saying that for a few weeks already.

Last but not least, it would seem that somebody tried to hack an account I have on a dead forum. Noticed a visit to my site from there today and went to check, wondering if that meant there were any new users. The answer is that yes, there is one who even posted a few things. However, what was more interesting, and worrying, was that when I tried to log on I was told that the maximum number of attempts had been exceeded and had to enter a code on top of my password to unlock my account. Now what the fuck was that about?


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