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Just thought I’d post this, considering how much I stressed about it for all this time…

Actually managed to go and get my eyes checked, and properly this time. Scared out of my wits, of course, had a moment when I even forgot how to read, was seeing the letters but they were just random signs to me, but it’s over now, thankfully.
Also thankfully, nothing really bad is going on. There seems to be a small indentation in the retina of my right eye, probably that’s the spot I noticed first, some two years ago, and the place where now I’m quite obviously not seeing, but he said it’s not an injury or something degenerative, seems like that’s how that eye developed and it just became noticeable now because of the normal changes that the eyes go through around this age.
But seems like I need to wear glasses, the other problems most likely being caused, aside from the same normal changes, by too much eye strain. I really don’t want to, but I guess I’ll have to at least consider it for a while. The thing is that I even have an objective reason not to want glasses, the skin problem I have on my head means the skin behind my ears will be rubbed raw if anything would press on it constantly.


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