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A Quick Thursday Update

I’ve been exchanging a few messages with Gigabyte support lately, seeing as the most notable problem I’ve been experiencing on Windows 7 is related to their Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced, but besides telling me to update the BIOS to the latest version and to certify that I’m using a legitimate copy of Windows 7, because they say it’s known that some cracked copies interfere with DESA, they haven’t done anything yet. Now that I did what they asked, they say they escalated my request and will fill me in when they figure something out, but I’m not exactly getting my hopes up, seeing as a quick search reveals DESA issues at least since 2009, so it may well be that it doesn’t deal well with Windows 7 and that’s how it’ll stay.
Of course, I can mitigate the issue in at least a couple of ways, turning DESA off and then back on after every reboot being probably the most effective, but I’m worried about the potential effects of that and of any other issues this may be a symptom of. At the same time, turning it off completely is not an option, not only because it feels nice to be a little “greener” by saving a few watts, but also because having a few watts less go through the CPU also reduces its temperature quite noticeably and I certainly don’t want to have a five year old CPU run significantly hotter than it’s been used to when I now intend to keep it for at least another year, which obviously also includes another summer.

Otherwise, at least I didn’t crash quite like that again during this past week, which also means that I’m starting to get somewhat back on track with my story. Of course, that still doesn’t mean much, but it was particularly sad to fall way behind even my own pitiful goals. Now if I could also start reading the books I got and get back on track with MobyGames submissions as well, at least until the next crisis, it’d be something. A certain new approver making everything a royal pain is of no help when it comes to that, however.


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